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Current Version: 1.6.02 3/2/21

Version: 1.6.02 (minor feature) released on 3/2/21

  • Added the ability to enable/disable PO numbers on eCommerce orders

Version: 1.6.01 (major update) released on 2/24/21

  • Completely upgraded our admin panel to the latest versions

Versions 1.5

Version: 1.5.41 (minor feature) released on 2/20/21

  • Add custom fields to Location module

Version: 1.5.40 (minor feature) released on 2/18/21

  • Updated our MailChimp integration to now import into an audience for orders and birthday clubs.

Version: 1.5.39 (minor feature) released on 2/17/21

  • Updated navigation menu for eCommerce bulk section

Version: 1.5.37 (minor feature) released on 2/14/21

  • Removed old Instagram scraper

Version: 1.5.35 (minor feature) released on 2/10/21

  • Use website as default og:type for facebook meta tag

Version: 1.5.34 (minor feature) released on 2/10/21

  • Remove default recaptcha keys for newly build CMS sites.

Version: 1.5.33 (minor feature) released on 2/9/21

  • Remove address, phone fields from birthday

Version: 1.5.31 (minor feature) released on 2/9/21

  • Remove payzee, virtual merchant payment providers.

Version: 1.5.30 (minor feature) released on 2/9/21

  • Fix locations import issue with router

Version: 1.5.29 (minor feature) released on 2/9/21

  • Add feature of event export signups in webadmin

Version: 1.5.25 (minor feature) released on 2/7/21

  • Many misc tweaks and improvements to the webadmin UI.

Version: 1.5.07 (minor feature)

  • Added ability to import locations

Version: 1.5.06 (minor feature)

  • Updated CMS styles, upgraded Google Shopping data and improved server response pages

Version: 1.5.01 (new feature)

  • Add Recaptcha Rejection module in webadmin

Version: 1.5 (major upgrade)

  • Updated all backend codes to the latest versions

Versions 1.4

Version: 1.4.16 (new feature)

  • Upgraded all structured data per Google's guidelines

Version: 1.4.10 (new feature)

  • Added new Sales page in the webadmin to easily include and/or exclude products by a % based on many options such as category.

Version: 1.4.8 (minor upgrade)

  • Added #'s in the webadmin on the product page filters

Version: 1.4.0 (major upgrade)

  • We have upgraded all coding modules to the latest versions for enhanced security and performance.

Versions 1.3

Version: 1.3.550 (new eCommerce feature) 11/23/20

  • We added the ability to mass change prices

Version: 1.3.549 (new add-on) 11/23/20

  • We build a new popup add-on to easily manage the popups on your website by setting start and end dates.

Version: 1.3.533 (new feature) 11/23/20

  • We created a new feature to allow you to set the # of signups to a specific event.

Version: 1.3.533 (new feature) 11/4/20

  • We have launched a brand new integration with ShipStation shipping calculator.

Version: 1.3.531 (new feature) 11/3/20

  • Added the ability to send test emails for the abandoned cart

Version: 1.3.530 (new feature) 11/3/20

  • Added IP address user submitted to our Reviews Module

Version: 1.3.529 (new feature) 10/30/20

  • Added the ability to control the fulfillment settings in the eCommerce settings. You can now choose if your CMS Max shopping cart does shipping and pickup or just 1 or the other.

Version: 1.3.526 (bug fix)

  • Fixed error with trailing , after an email set in the admin notify to strip the extra character which prevented an email from being send to the admin

Version: 1.3.525 (new feature)

  • Ability to define different fulfillment methods on a add/edit product page

Version 1.3.510 (bug fix)

  • Fixed eGift Cards to support all fulfillment types

Version 1.3.502 (critical fix)

  • Fixed issue with forms resetting the thank you page back to N/A

Version 1.3.164 (new feature)

  • Added a coupon type for free shipping

Version 1.3.132 (new feature)

  • Added a shipping method for Easyship

Version 1.3.116 (new feature)

  • Added a way to define tax rates by zip code

Version 1.3.115 (new feature)

  • Added a shipping method for FedEx. Now you can dynamically pull in rates directly from FedEx in the shopping cart

Version 1.3.109 (code improvement)

  • Added a way to configure which address fields should show for the address field

Version 1.3.95

  • Added a way to schedule a sale price for a product

Version 1.3.93

  • Added inventory tracking for products

Version 1.3.8

  • Updated admin permission to allow admins to create and assign permissions to other admin users

Version 1.3.7

  • Added Facebook pixel event tracking
  • Adding Gallery Styles (Responsive and Fixed)

Version 1.3.4 - Released 4/12/2019

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