Version: 1.8.90 (minor update) released on 9/20/21

  • Update Google Analytics event for ecommerce purchase

Version: 1.8.89 (minor update) released on 9/18/21

  • Add more Redirect Urls

Version: 1.8.88 (minor update) released on 9/18/21

  • Fix Products Weights and Dimensions table style

Version: 1.8.87 (minor update) released on 9/18/21

  • Fix style on Product Weights and Dimensions table

Version: 1.8.86 (minor update) released on 9/18/21

  • Fix CMS Upgrade issue

Version: 1.8.85 (minor update) released on 9/18/21

  • Fix facebook pixel integration

Version: 1.8.84 (minor update) released on 9/18/21

  • Add Google Tag Manager integration

Version: 1.8.83 (minor update) released on 9/18/21

  • Sort transaction table to newest date

Version: 1.8.82 (minor update) released on 9/17/21

  • Fix webadmin dashboard notification links

Version: 1.8.81 (minor update) released on 9/17/21

  • Fix missing pricing reports

Version: 1.8.80 (minor update) released on 9/16/21

  • Add a way to apply a sale to all products

Version: 1.8.79 (minor update) released on 9/15/21

  • Fix RepeatableBlock Composer

Version: 1.8.78 (new feature) released on 9/14/21

  • Add Google Maps Autocomplete to form address fields

Version: 1.8.77 (minor update) released on 9/14/21

  • Fix CMS Upgrade issue

Version: 1.8.76 (minor update) released on 9/14/21

  • Remove duplicated slash in report 404 items table

Version: 1.8.75 (minor update) released on 9/13/21

  • Fix source_url is wrong format when creating/updating redirect

Version: 1.8.74 (minor update) released on 9/13/21

  • Only increase the broken current page count, one per job

Version: 1.8.73 (minor update) released on 9/13/21

  • Don't show duplicate / in 301 redirect portal

Version: 1.8.72 (minor update) released on 9/7/21

  • Update form submission filters to match the count

Version: 1.8.71 (minor update) released on 9/6/21

  • Add Display Name for users table

Version: 1.8.70 (minor update) released on 9/4/21

  • Allow coupons limited to default customer group to be used by retail customers who are not logged in

Version: 1.8.69 (minor update) released on 9/4/21

  • Fix featured products page style

Version: 1.8.68 (minor update) released on 9/4/21

  • Improve 404 error log method and update 404 page

Version: 1.8.67 (minor update) released on 9/4/21

  • Update shopping feed page UI

Version: 1.8.66 (minor update) released on 9/3/21

  • Fix order incorrectly showing that it was refunded

Version: 1.8.65 (minor update) released on 9/3/21

  • Move addon settings to Manage Account

Version: 1.8.64 (minor update) released on 9/3/21

  • Update NoUserWayWidget notification to check in integration instead of global script

Version: 1.8.63 (minor update) released on 9/3/21

  • Add a way to dismiss certain webadmin notifications

Version: 1.8.62 (minor update) released on 9/2/21

  • Add Barcode Lookup URL in product page

Version: 1.8.61 (minor update) released on 921/21

  • Add phone mask to webadmin pages

Version: 1.8.60 (minor update) released on 9/1/21

  • Update Products on low inventory table

Version: 1.8.59 (minor update) released on 9/1/21

  • Send GTag event when click Affirm

Version: 1.8.58 (minor update) released on 9/1/21

  • Fix Job Opening doesn’t have Edit URL on Report Item page.

Version: 1.8.57 (minor update) released on 9/1/21

  • Remove extra items from HTML Suggestion Pages

Version: 1.8.56 (minor update) released on 9/1/21

  • Add ReCaptcha to birthday form

Version: 1.8.55 (minor update) released on 9/1/21

  • Add Podium Integration
  • Move Taxjar Integration
  • Add UserWay Integration
  • Add FacebookPixel Integration
  • Add Improveit360 Integration

Version: 1.8.54 (minor update) released on 9/1/21

  • Add copyable components

Version: 1.8.53 (minor update) released on 9/1/21

  • Add text on refund box for status

Version: 1.8.52 (minor update) released on 9/1/21

  • Add GMC, Hubspot and Barcode Lookup integrations

Version: 1.8.51 (minor update) released on 8/31/21

  • Update job openings delete confirmation page
  • Fix validation errors not showing on Reset Password page

Version: 1.8.50 (minor update) released on 8/31/21

  • Fix primary image issue on google shopping feed

Version: 1.8.49 (minor update) released on 8/31/21

  • Add admin notes to coupon table

Version: 1.8.48 (minor update) released on 8/31/21

  • Fix UI issue on form payment page

Version: 1.8.47 (minor update) released on 8/30/21

  • Remove wide image size from events feature image

Version: 1.8.46 (minor update) released on 8/27/21

  • Fix UI issues on menu items page

Version: 1.8.45 (minor update) released on 8/27/21

  • Add missing checkout pages to seeder and CMS Upgrade

Version: 1.8.44 (minor update) released on 8/27/21

  • Fix pagination on orders page

Version: 1.8.43 (new integrations) released on 8/27/21

  • Add RMH, Widewail blank integration

Version: 1.8.42 (minor update) released on 8/26/21

  • Add custom api v1 routes

Version: 1.8.41 (minor update) released on 8/26/21

  • API docs update for GTIN

Version: 1.8.40 (minor update) released on 8/25/21

  • Fix checkout billing validator to allow PayPal

Version: 1.8.39 (minor update) released on 8/24/21

  • Move slack integration from ecommerce settings to integration settings
  • Add Smile Snap to integration settings
  • Add Live Chat to integration settings
  • Add Simplifi to integration settings
  • Add Pinterest to integration settings
  • Add Chargebee to integration settings
  • Add MyLiveChat to integration settings
  • Add Dontgo to integration settings
  • Add TestimonialTree to integration settings

Version: 1.8.38 (minor update) released on 8/24/21

  • Fix integration page UI

Version: 1.8.37 (minor update) released on 8/24/21

  • Fix date time picker in location pages

Version: 1.8.36 (minor update) released on 8/20/21

  • Refactor coupon and sale product criteria

Version: 1.8.35 (minor update) released on 8/20/21

  • Fix migration issue

Version: 1.8.34 (minor update) released on 8/20/21

  • Fix custom shipping calculator

Version: 1.8.33 (minor update) released on 8/20/21

  • Fix coupon notes save error

Version: 1.8.32 (minor update) released on 8/19/21

  • Fix checkout page notes

Version: 1.8.31 (minor update) released on 8/18/21

  • Add status to shipping methods

Version: 1.8.30 (minor update) released on 8/18/21

  • Update layout on popup edit page

Version: 1.8.29 (minor update) released on 8/18/21

  • Update languages for SEO pages

Version: 1.8.28 (minor update) released on 8/18/21

  • Remove rules section for form separator field

Version: 1.8.27 (minor update) released on 8/18/21

  • Fix google analytics missing dashboard notification

Version: 1.8.26 (minor update) released on 8/18/21

  • Fix style of pagination on products weight & dimensions page

Version: 1.8.25 (minor update) released on 8/18/21

  • Update login page content for new CMS installs

Version: 1.8.24 (minor update) released on 8/16/21

  • Improve UI for browser title editor

Version: 1.8.23 (minor update) released on 8/16/21

  • Fix link of birthday club dashboard notification

Version: 1.8.22 (minor update) released on 8/16/21

  • Fix link of google recaptcha dashboard notification

Version: 1.8.21 (minor update) released on 8/16/21

  • Add validation rule to Testimonial notify email

Version: 1.8.20 (minor update) released on 8/16/21

  • Add Edit / View buttons on webadmin Job Openings table

Version: 1.8.19 (minor update) released on 8/16/21

  • Rename Review to Testimonial on Dynamic Templates

Version: 1.8.18 (minor update) released on 8/16/21

  • Add birthday club sign up form as shortcode

Version: 1.8.17 (minor update) released on 8/15/21

  • Fix products showing without variants on weight and dimensions editor
  • Fix validation errors not showing on login and register forms

Version: 1.8.16 (minor update) released on 8/12/21

  • Add reCAPTCHA to user forms

Version: 1.8.15 (minor update) released on 8/12/21

  • Add site url as prepend on redirect page

Version: 1.8.14 (minor update) released on 8/12/21

  • Hide unneeded fields when creating popups
  • Move Google Analytics to integrations
  • Update layout of the integrations page
  • Fix issue where all shipping methods weren't being returned

Version: 1.8.13 (minor update) released on 8/11/21

  • Fix CMS Upgrade issue

Version: 1.8.12 (minor update) released on 8/10/21

  • Have webadmin notifications open up in the same tab

Version: 1.8.11 (minor update) released on 8/10/21

  • Fix CMS Upgrade for ecommerce

Version: 1.8.10 (minor update) released on 8/10/21

  • Fix Repeatable block items filter
  • Fix pagination spacing on abandoned cart emails page
  • Remove contact form field placeholders for new sites

Version: 1.8.9 (minor update) released on 8/10/21

  • Reorganize ecommerce settings page

Version: 1.8.8 (minor update) released on 8/10/21

  • Show that shipping methods are loading on checkout shipping method page

Version: 1.8.7 (new feature) released on 8/10/21

  • Add a way to limit coupons to certain products and/or customer groups

Version: 1.8.6 (minor update) released on 8/9/21

  • Add integration image for sandbox payment method

Version: 1.8.5 (minor update) released on 8/9/21

  • Add site name to webadmin setup step
  • Fix link for "From Email Address not defined" notification
  • Move Google Site Tag to integrations
  • Fix issue where location finder settings weren't showing

Version: 1.8.4 (minor update) released on 8/6/21

  • Update integrations page UI

Version: 1.8.3 (minor update) released on 8/6/21

  • Add a way to customize from email for form confirmation emails

Version: 1.8.2 (new feature) released on 8/6/21

  • Rename reviews to testimonials
  • Add a place to bulk edit product shipping attributes

Version: 1.8.1 (minor update) released on 8/6/21

  • Fix product search when double quotes are present

Version: 1.8.0 (new feature) released on 8/6/21

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