CMS Max is the perfect eCommerce platform for businesses to streamline and scale their online sales. Our platform is designed to easily connect your point-of-sale system to a professional website, providing a seamless integration for your customers. With CMS Max, you can easily and quickly build a custom-designed website that is tailored to your customers' needs, ensuring that they can begin selling their products online quickly and hassle-free. 

Seamless Integration

With our seamless integration, your website will be secure and have a stable connection between your point-of-sale system and website, and will allow you to keep your data safe at all times. At CMS Max, we are committed to providing comprehensive support and have knowledgeable team members who are happy to help with any questions you may have. We also have detailed tutorials and online resources available, helping you to quickly set up a website and get started with eCommerce.


White Label eCommerce Solution for Your POS

Are you a POS company looking for an eCommerce platform? We offer white label solutions to take your POS to the next level and offer a seamless integration from your POS to online. Contact us today!

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