Version: 1.9.441 (minor update) released on 10/27/22

  • quick fix for the wondersign command

Version: 1.9.440 (minor update) released on 10/21/22

  • Added Order ready for pickup email template

Version: 1.9.439 (minor update) released on 10/20/22

  • Fix shipping cost is wrong in some cases in Google Shopping Feed

Version: 1.9.438 (minor update) released on 10/19/22

  • Add help text for RMH category map

Version: 1.9.437 (minor update) released on 10/19/22

  • Remove search bar from being hard coded on blog page

Version: 1.9.436 (minor update) released on 10/19/22

  • Add CMS Max logo in forgot password email

Version: 1.9.435 (minor update) released on 10/19/22

  • Rename “From Email Address” to “User From Email Address” on setup page

Version: 1.9.434 (minor update) released on 10/19/22

  • Fix typo and rename “reCAPTCHA” to “reCAPTCHA v3"

Version: 1.9.433 (minor update) released on 10/13/22

  • Adding additional settings for Age Restriction Classes page

Version: 1.9.432 (minor update) released on 10/13/22

  • Adding open 24 hours feature

Version: 1.9.431 (minor update) released on 10/13/22

  • Moving the template section to above of images section on product page

Version: 1.9.430 (minor update) released on 10/13/22

  • Fix featured products disappeared after updating a product

Version: 1.9.429 (minor update) released on 10/2/22

  • Use CodeMirror on Sharethis integration

Version: 1.9.428 (minor update) released on 10/2/22

  • Moved Zuppler script to the head section instead

Version: 1.9.427 (minor update) released on 10/1/22

  • Improve UI for products sold page

Version: 1.9.426 (minor update) released on 10/1/22

  • Show all location names instead of showing text: “All Locations”

Version: 1.9.425 (minor update) released on 10/1/22

  • Create shortcode for brand pages

Version: 1.9.424 (minor update) released on 10/1/22

  • Added Zuppler and Grubhub integrations

Version: 1.9.423 (minor update) released on 10/1/22

  • Add ShareThis integration

Version: 1.9.422 (minor update) released on 10/1/22

  • Hide product sale price when using variant.
  • Do not validate product sale price when using variant.

Version: 1.9.421 (minor update) released on 10/1/22

  • Fixed CodeMirror initialized value

Version: 1.9.420 (minor update) released on 9/29/22

  • Add ability to add shipping to Google feed for custom shipping method

Version: 1.9.419 (minor update) released on 9/29/22

  • Fix issue when generating Google Shopping Feed

Version: 1.9.418 (minor update) released on 9/28/22

  • Disabled ability to change super admin credentials during the setup stage

Version: 1.9.417 (minor update) released on 9/25/22

  • Moved the track inventory field to attributes tab

Version: 1.9.416 (minor update) released on 9/18/22

  • Add shipping attribute to Google Shopping Feed

Version: 1.9.415 (minor update) released on 9/16/22

  • Add ability to show price when alternative buy option is on

Version: 1.9.414 (minor update) released on 9/15/22

  • Install sitemap package

Version: 1.9.413 (minor update) released on 9/15/22

  • Add ability to sync sitemap with Devops dashboard.

Version: 1.9.412 (minor update) released on 9/14/22

  • Delete old websitemap and sitemap_mobile.xml

Version: 1.9.411 (minor update) released on 9/14/22

  • Fix sidebar item class is not set to active on Products Sold page

Version: 1.9.410 (minor update) released on 9/14/22

  • Add Products Sold report page

Version: 1.9.409 (minor update) released on 9/13/22

  • Disallow search URL from robots.txt

Version: 1.9.408 (minor update) released on 9/13/22

  • Add sitemap manager

Version: 1.9.407 (minor update) released on 9/13/22

  • Update help text for Pending Pickup Orders Limit form field

Version: 1.9.406 (minor update) released on 9/13/22

  • Make GTIN is not required via API when creating product

Version: 1.9.405 (minor update) released on 9/11/22

  • Fix select dropdown product option is not selected right value

Version: 1.9.404 (minor update) released on 9/8/22

  • Disable Google Feed when using alternative buy option

Version: 1.9.403 (minor update) released on 9/8/22

  • Remove query string from canonical tag

Version: 1.9.402 (minor update) released on 9/7/22

  • Make the default main from address blank on setup page

Version: 1.9.401 (minor update) released on 9/5/22

  • Exclude system urls and tel from 404 report

Version: 1.9.400 (minor update) released on 9/5/22

  • Exclude products have no image from Google Shopping Feed

Version: 1.9.399 (minor update) released on 9/4/22

  • Add Business Name to Location

Version: 1.9.398 (minor update) released on 9/4/22

  • Exclude draft products from Product Image Missing Notification

Version: 1.9.397 (minor update) released on 9/4/22

  • Fix bug accessing nullable RMH secondary category

Version: 1.9.396 (minor update) released on 9/4/22

  • Refactor products UI in webadmin

Version: 1.9.395 (minor update) released on 9/4/22

  • Show active RMH items by default

Version: 1.9.394 (minor update) released on 8/31/22

  • Remove Email Campaign upgrade files

Version: 1.9.393 (minor update) released on 8/31/22

  • Allow to select Account Type for Google Map Integration

Version: 1.9.392 (minor update) released on 8/31/22

  • Remove dashboard notification when GA and GTM are both installed

Version: 1.9.391 (minor update) released on 8/30/22

  • Fix index.php canonical issue

Version: 1.9.390 (minor update) released on 8/30/22

  • Improve UI for create/edit product in webadmin

Version: 1.9.389 (minor update) released on 8/30/22

  • Remove ecommerce redirections from frontend routes

Version: 1.9.388 (minor update) released on 8/26/22

  • Added function to remove invalid URLs in the broken link scanner

Version: 1.9.387 (minor update) released on 8/25/22

  • Fix issues when creating new site on MariaDB 10.6

Version: 1.9.386 (minor update) released on 8/19/22

  • Add ability to search product with variant SKU.

Version: 1.9.385 (minor update) released on 8/17/22

  • Make RMH update action available for Liquor Max

Version: 1.9.384 (minor update) released on 8/17/22

  • Improvements and fixes for the Wondersign integration

Version: 1.9.383 (minor update) released on 8/17/22

  • Fix issue price is shown $0 when “Out of stock product visibility” option is enabled

Version: 1.9.382 (minor update) released on 8/16/22

  • Remove newsletter contact list.
  • Update browser title when setting up new site.

Version: 1.9.381 (minor update) released on 8/15/22

  • Fix sale price is not updated when adding add-ons

Version: 1.9.380 (minor update) released on 8/14/22

  • Set Apple Launch Icon Title

Version: 1.9.379 (minor update) released on 8/14/22

  • Fix Always On Sale setting of RMH doesn’t work as expected

Version: 1.9.378 (minor update) released on 8/9/22

  • Add ability to set product image with Locally images

Version: 1.9.377 (minor update) released on 8/8/22

  • Optimize 404 report to avoid memory leaking
  • Remove 404 report export button
  • Add a setting to enable/disable 404 report

Version: 1.9.376 (minor update) released on 8/8/22

  • Add ability to make RMH works with Liquor Max

Version: 1.9.375 (minor update) released on 8/6/22

  • Fix duplicated title tag

Version: 1.9.374 (minor update) released on 8/5/22

Version: 1.9.373 (minor update) released on 8/2/22

  • Added Wondersign integration

Version: 1.9.372 (minor update) released on 8/2/22

  • Completely remove Email Campaigns

Version: 1.9.371 (minor update) released on 7/30/22

  • Add more default redirects to core

Version: 1.9.370 (minor update) released on 7/30/22

  • Removed unsubscribeLink routes

Version: 1.9.369 (minor update) released on 7/30/22

  • Removed table and code for featured products of product categories

Version: 1.9.368 (minor update) released on 7/30/22

  • Sort variant filters/values in ascending order

Version: 1.9.367 (minor update) released on 7/29/22

  • Restructured bulk-edits menu

Version: 1.9.366 (minor update) released on 7/29/22

  • Fixed the validation for related product fields

Version: 1.9.365 (minor update) released on 7/29/22

  • Add category shortcode

Version: 1.9.364 (minor update) released on 7/27/22

  • Fix RMH UI issues and optimize performance

Version: 1.9.363 (minor update) released on 7/26/22

  • Fix RMH categories mapping display issue

Version: 1.9.362 (minor update) released on 7/25/22

  • Add dashboard notification for locally categories mapping

Version: 1.9.361 (minor update) released on 7/25/22

  • Fix Brand’s slug is generated without slug when using RMH Supplier

Version: 1.9.360 (minor update) released on 7/25/22

  • Add url for secondary category on RMH categories mapping page

Version: 1.9.359 (minor update) released on 7/22/22

  • Fix SKU is not updated when a variant is selected
  • Fix price is not updated when a text option is filled

Version: 1.9.358 (minor update) released on 7/22/22

  • Fix route name conflicts

Version: 1.9.357 (minor update) released on 7/22/22

  • Add dashboard notification to count Locally products are not synced with RMH

Version: 1.9.356 (minor update) released on 7/21/22

  • Disable variant checkbox when “Import Product Attributes” setting is unchecked from Locally setting page

Version: 1.9.355 (minor update) released on 7/21/22

  • Add RMH Suppliers / Brands page

Version: 1.9.354 (minor update) released on 7/21/22

  • Add a link for mapped RMH categories

Version: 1.9.353 (minor update) released on 7/21/22

  • Sync product categories when an RMH item is updated

Version: 1.9.352 (minor update) released on 7/19/22

  • Re-order the RMH category mapping columns.

Version: 1.9.351 (minor update) released on 7/18/22

  • Do not auto-import inactive RMH item.

Version: 1.9.350 (minor update) released on 7/16/22

  • Auto map RMH categories by name
  • Remove brand from mapping instead of using Supplier for Brand

Version: 1.9.349 (minor update) released on 7/16/22

  • Improve RMH WebItem sync

Version: 1.9.348 (minor update) released on 7/16/22

  • Inventory bulk edit
  • Show base API URL on API client page

Version: 1.9.347 (minor update) released on 7/15/22

  • Fix logo display in webadmin setting
  • Update API docs

Version: 1.9.346 (minor update) released on 7/13/22

  • Fix restore content function doesn’t work on Product Category

Version: 1.9.345 (minor update) released on 7/12/22

  • Redirect /sitemap.txt to /sitemap by default

Version: 1.9.344 (minor update) released on 7/8/22

  • Removed address and phone on MailChimp fields

Version: 1.9.343 (minor update) released on 7/7/22

  • Add jsplusInclude and jsplusBootstrapTools plugins back to ckeditor in webadmin

Version: 1.9.342 (minor update) released on 7/6/22

  • Move LiveChat script to end of body section.

Version: 1.9.341 (minor update) released on 7/6/22

  • Fix birthday club email issue

Version: 1.9.340 (minor update) released on 6/30/22

  • Fix discount bug when some items in cart are not valid for the entered coupon.
  • Move the Manage Testimonials rule outside the Addons category.

Version: 1.9.339 (minor update) released on 6/29/22

  • Rename Google Global Site Tag (Analytics & Ads) to Google Analytics

Version: 1.9.338 (minor update) released on 6/29/22

  • Allow searching Locally products with barcodes.
  • RMH Categories dashboard notification is no longer checked against brands.

Version: 1.9.337 (minor update) released on 6/29/22

  • Add dashboard notification when GA/GTM are both installed

Version: 1.9.336 (minor update) released on 6/28/22

  • Add top scrollbar to variants table

Version: 1.9.335 (minor update) released on 6/23/22

  • Add the ability to show out-of-stock products to the front end.

Version: 1.9.334 (minor update) released on 6/23/22

  • Add the ability to show out-of-stock products to the front end.

Version: 1.9.333 (minor update) released on 6/23/22

  • Add command to auto-set primary category

Version: 1.9.332 (minor update) released on 6/21/22

  • Sync MailChimp emails in batch

Version: 1.9.331 (minor update) released on 6/18/22

  • Add dashboard notification for “Missing notify email on testimonials”.
  • Make Testimonials available by default

Version: 1.9.330 (minor update) released on 6/17/22

  • Fix error cannot clone event

Version: 1.9.329 (minor update) released on 6/17/22

  • Fix some MailChimp glitches

Version: 1.9.328 (minor update) released on 6/16/22

  • Improve MailChimp integration. We now can sync emails right in the integration setting page.

Version: 1.9.327 (minor update) released on 6/16/22

  • Add a way to redirect core pages.

Version: 1.9.326 (minor update) released on 6/15/22

  • Sort Tax Location by A-Z

Version: 1.9.325 (minor update) released on 6/14/22

  • Make CMS categories be indented on RMH Category Mapping page
  • Re-populate the old value of primary category id when creating/updating product

Version: 1.9.324 (minor update) released on 6/9/22

  • Add N1ED enabled setting

Version: 1.9.323 (minor update) released on 6/8/22

  • Add product missing primary category dashboard notification
  • Display total variants on RMH listing page

Version: 1.9.322 (minor update) released on 6/8/22

  • Excluding inactive RMH Item from dashboard notification

Version: 1.9.321 (minor update) released on 6/8/22

  • Set primary category when importing Locally product

Version: 1.9.320 (minor update) released on 6/8/22

  • Add compressed apple icon.
  • Move the sale price form group below price field.
  • Update TaxJar API to use 2022-01-24 version.
  • Add tests for User resource

Version: 1.9.319 (minor update) released on 6/7/22

  • Adding email validation rules to the Birthday Notifier

Version: 1.9.318 (minor update) released on 6/7/22

  • Resize Apple touch icon preview size to 120x120

Version: 1.9.317 (minor update) released on 6/7/22

  • Fix the result for ‘all locations’ job filter

Version: 1.9.316 (minor update) released on 6/7/22

  • Prevent duplicate rows in the Order’s Export

Version: 1.9.315 (minor update) released on 6/6/22

  • Remove Facebook Pixel Tracking from deleted unsubscribe page

Version: 1.9.314 (minor update) released on 6/3/22

  • Fix conflicts JS in product page

Version: 1.9.313 (minor update) released on 6/3/22

  • Fix file manager for N1ED

Version: 1.9.312 (minor update) released on 6/2/22

  • Set N1ED as a default editor

Version: 1.9.311 (minor update) released on 6/2/22

  • Move related product row settings to layout settings

Version: 1.9.310 (minor update) released on 6/1/22

  • Remove unsubscribed pages

Version: 1.9.309 (minor update) released on 6/1/22

  • Add Related Products To Show In a Row setting

Version: 1.9.308 (minor update) released on 6/1/22

  • Improve deleting RMH Item process

Version: 1.9.307 (minor update) released on 6/1/22

  • Rename Paypal to PayPal

Version: 1.9.306 (minor update) released on 5/30/22

  • Adding more customer info to abandoned cart page.

Version: 1.9.305 (minor update) released on 5/28/22

  • Removed login links module in order history since past orders are viewable when the user is logged in

Version: 1.9.304 (minor update) released on 5/26/22

  • Adding N1ED into core

Version: 1.9.303 (minor update) released on 5/26/22

  • Fix event format date

Version: 1.9.302 (minor update) released on 5/24/22

  • Improve shipping integration UI on create/edit shipping method

Version: 1.9.301 (minor update) released on 5/23/22

  • Fix Sale not being applied to each specified product.

Version: 1.9.300 (minor update) released on 5/23/22

  • Add the ability to hide categories in RMH mapping page.

Version: 1.9.299 (minor update) released on 5/20/22

  • Update Google ReCaptcha Failed message

Version: 1.9.298 (minor update) released on 5/19/22

  • Adding the Timezone dropdown in the Setup page.
  • Adding apple favicon.

Version: 1.9.297 (minor update) released on 5/19/22

  • Fixing 2 checkboxes under Display Options won’t save.

Version: 1.9.296 (minor update) released on 5/19/22

  • Adding help text to RMH categories map table.

Version: 1.9.295 (minor update) released on 5/13/22

  • Fixed the restore function of content fields

Version: 1.9.294 (minor update) released on 5/13/22

  • Fix primary category is not saved when manual import RMH item

Version: 1.9.293 (minor update) released on 5/13/22

  • Added the job-openings shortcode

Version: 1.9.292 (minor update) released on 5/13/22

  • Make RMH manual import respects Brands Required setting

Version: 1.9.291 (minor update) released on 5/13/22

  • Allow RMH can sync inventory

Version: 1.9.290 (minor update) released on 5/11/22

  • Fix pagination text

Version: 1.9.289 (minor update) released on 5/11/22

  • Remove duplicated dashboard notification

Version: 1.9.288 (minor update) released on 5/11/22

  • Remove RMH shipping item dashboard notification

Version: 1.9.287 (minor update) released on 5/11/22

  • Add option to import Abandoned Cart Emails

Version: 1.9.286 (minor update) released on 5/11/22

  • Improve missing mail from address dashboard notification
  • Add Mail From Address to initial site setup form

Version: 1.9.285 (minor update) released on 5/10/22

  • Fix dependent form field doesn’t work with html entities

Version: 1.9.284 (minor update) released on 5/8/22

  • Disabled recaptcha rejections temporarily

Version: 1.9.283 (minor update) released on 5/7/22

  • Improve product price sorting

Version: 1.9.282 (minor update) released on 5/5/22

  • Add dashboard notification for unmapped RMH categories/brands

Version: 1.9.281 (minor update) released on 5/5/22

  • Fix RMH shipping item checker on dashboard notification

Version: 1.9.280 (minor update) released on 5/5/22

  • Update Import All text button

Version: 1.9.279 (minor update) released on 5/5/22

  • Thumbnail text change on add/edit blog page

Version: 1.9.278 (minor update) released on 5/5/22

  • Remove extra missing product image dashboard notification
  • Improve manual RMH Item importing process
  • “RMH Update Brand for existing products” will use Supplier to create new brand if brand is not mapped

Version: 1.9.277 (minor update) released on 5/3/22

  • Change External URL text

Version: 1.9.276 (minor update) released on 5/2/22

  • Improve RMH UX/UI

Version: 1.9.275 (minor update) released on 5/2/22

  • Add ability to use RMH Supplier as CMS Brand

Version: 1.9.274 (minor update) released on 4/29/22

  • Fix bug of posts bulk delete

Version: 1.9.273 (minor update) released on 4/29/22

  • Exclude hidden variant from missing price check

Version: 1.9.272 (minor update) released on 4/29/22

  • Add ability to un-map brands/categories of RMH and Locally

Version: 1.9.271 (minor update) released on 4/29/22

  • Hide Non-existing Variants on Front-end

Version: 1.9.270 (minor update) released on 4/28/22

  • Add address link on event page

Version: 1.9.269 (minor update) released on 4/26/22

  • Set default Price field for RMH integration

Version: 1.9.268 (minor update) released on 4/25/22

  • Fix bug try to fetch variants when a product doesn’t have any variants

Version: 1.9.267 (minor update) released on 4/23/22

  • Add sale price for product variants
  • Improve UI/UX for add to cart form

Version: 1.9.266 (minor update) released on 4/21/22

  • Hide “Automatically import new submissions” when no forms are available

Version: 1.9.265 (minor update) released on 4/21/22

  • Detach brand/product category mapping from RMH when they are deleted

Version: 1.9.264 (minor update) released on 4/21/22

  • Add bulk/single unarchive action to RMH items

Version: 1.9.263 (minor update) released on 4/15/22

  • Change the coupon behavior: If we have 3 items in the cart, but only one item is eligible for the coupon, it still allows us to apply that coupon.

Version: 1.9.262 (minor update) released on 4/13/22

  •  Fix Wordpress importer bugs

Version: 1.9.261 (minor update) released on 4/13/22

  • Create dashboard notification for pending items in RMH

Version: 1.9.260 (minor update) released on 4/13/22

  • Don't track / in 404

Version: 1.9.259 (minor update) released on 4/13/22

  • Fix location settings is defaulting the index to careers

Version: 1.9.258 (minor update) released on 4/12/22

  • Change pagination text for RMH Items page.

Version: 1.9.257 (minor update) released on 4/6/22

  • Fix UI issues that cause Subscribers glitch

Version: 1.9.256 (minor update) released on 4/6/22

  • add Featured Product settings on /webadmin/ecommerce/products/featured page

Version: 1.9.255 (minor update) released on 4/4/22

  • Add public api endpoint to get CMS version and type

Version: 1.9.254 (minor update) released on 3/28/22

  • Fix infinity loop when pickup only

Version: 1.9.253 (minor update) released on 3/27/22

  • update index

Version: 1.9.252 (minor update) released on 3/26/22

  • Preserve previous url queries for filters

Version: 1.9.251 (minor update) released on 3/26/22

  • Do not resize gif image when upload

Version: 1.9.250 (minor update) released on 3/25/22

  • Remove N1ED integration

Version: 1.9.249 (minor update) released on 3/25/22

  • Update slug to url field when validate product data

Version: 1.9.248 (minor update) released on 3/24/22

  • Add Recaptcha validation error message to form

Version: 1.9.247 (minor update) released on 3/22/22

  • Fix “Cannot validate email using mailgun service.”

Version: 1.9.246 (minor update) released on 3/21/22

  • Add Product Image Display Type Toggle

Version: 1.9.245 (minor update) released on 3/21/22

  • Fix Bugsnag error in Locally service

Version: 1.9.244 (minor update) released on 3/21/22

  • Fix some logic error of RMH and Locally

Version: 1.9.243 (minor update) released on 3/21/22

  • Fix issue on update product action with RMH integration

Version: 1.9.242 (minor update) released on 3/17/22

  • Mark product is missing price if no variants are added

Version: 1.9.241 (minor update) released on 3/14/22

  • Format distance for location results
    Product Attribute Merger - Scroll down when “View Products” is clicked

Version: 1.9.240 (minor update) released on 3/14/22

  • Set fixed height of 80px proportional for media images
    Add folder filter for Media index page.

Version: 1.9.239 (minor update) released on 3/11/22

  • Add help note to import brands page

Version: 1.9.238 (minor update) released on 3/9/22

  • Add help text for Menu input

Version: 1.9.237 (minor update) released on 3/9/22

  • Add help note to Retail Management integration settings

Version: 1.9.236 (minor update) released on 3/9/22

  • Force user to select primary category and fix some UI/UX bugs

Version: 1.9.235 (minor update) released on 3/9/22

  • Add FedEx integration

Version: 1.9.234 (minor update) released on 3/8/22

  • Show No Source URL on edit page when source url was deleted

Version: 1.9.233 (minor update) released on 3/5/22

  • Add Brand Importer

Version: 1.9.232 (minor update) released on 3/5/22

  • Fix RMH sync by WebItem bug

Version: 1.9.231 (minor update) released on 3/3/22

  • Add “Web Item” feature for RMH integration

Version: 1.9.230 (minor update) released on 3/2/22

  • Redirecting to login screen when resetting password

Version: 1.9.229 (minor update) released on 3/2/22

  • Updated Members to Users in blog edit page

Version: 1.9.228 (minor update) released on 3/2/22

  • Moved “Blog Index Posts Per Page” field From Blog Category section to Blog section

Version: 1.9.227 (minor update) released on 3/2/22

  • Set fixed height on images

Version: 1.9.226 (minor update) released on 2/26/22

  • Add register button to checkout page

Version: 1.9.225 (minor update) released on 2/25/22

  • Rename members to users in page common

Version: 1.9.224 (minor update) released on 2/25/22

  • Added ended label when a blog is ended

Version: 1.9.223 (minor update) released on 2/25/22

  • Update UI for webadmin blog settings

Version: 1.9.222 (minor update) released on 2/25/22

  • Update Number of products to show on category page from 24 to 48

Version: 1.9.221 (minor update) released on 2/24/22

  • Insert form shortcodes for new install

Version: 1.9.220 (minor update) released on 2/24/22

  • Remove tax_enabled field

Version: 1.9.219 (minor update) released on 2/24/22

  • Update Webadmin UI for pageable resources

Version: 1.9.218 (minor update) released on 2/23/22

  • Fix form shortcodes are not adding to the content

Version: 1.9.217 (minor update) released on 2/22/22

  • Add pagination for Product Listing API (api/v1/products)

Version: 1.9.216 (minor update) released on 2/22/22

  • Add Klaviyo integration

Version: 1.9.215 (minor update) released on 2/22/22

  • Add menu embed section

Version: 1.9.214 (minor update) released on 2/22/22

  • Move fields in business setting page

Version: 1.9.213 (minor update) released on 2/22/22

  • Add dashboard notification for missing menu when business type is restaurant

Version: 1.9.212 (minor update) released on 2/21/22

  • Generate CSV with one item per row for order export

Version: 1.9.211 (minor update) released on 2/18/22

  • Change update existing products label on RMH Integration page

Version: 1.9.210 (minor update) released on 2/18/22

  • Add a way to disable importing fields when importing Locally products

Version: 1.9.209 (minor update) released on 2/16/22

  • Fix duplicated sku when importing Locally products.

Version: 1.9.208 (minor update) released on 2/12/22

  • Append site name to browser title

Version: 1.9.207 (minor update) released on 2/12/22

  • Do not select the first category for primary category dropdown

Version: 1.9.206 (minor update) released on 2/9/22

  • Move sections config to webadmin
  • Move left column navbar style config to webadmin
  • Move show left column toggle config to webadmin
  • Move show breadcrumbs inside config to webadmin
  • Move enable user profiles config to webadmin
  • Move S3 root directory config to database

Version: 1.9.205 (minor update) released on 2/8/22

  • Add Slack log

Version: 1.9.204 (minor update) released on 2/8/22

  • Add duplicated product gtin in dashboard notification

Version: 1.9.203 (minor update) released on 2/8/22

  • Check for RMH Item called shipping to show the notification

Version: 1.9.202 (minor update) released on 2/8/22

  • Update default settings value for Testimonials

Version: 1.9.201 (minor update) released on 2/8/22

  • Add label for setup form

Version: 1.9.200 (minor update) released on 2/7/22

  • Fix array compare methods

Version: 1.9.199 (minor update) released on 2/7/22

  • update the code for TaxJar when all the products were set to tax disabled. TaxJar was still taking that field into account when it shouldn't have been

Version: 1.9.198 (minor update) released on 2/4/22

  • Remove tables related to showing this form section

Version: 1.9.197 (minor update) released on 2/3/22

  • Add short code embed to repeatable blocks

Version: 1.9.196 (minor update) released on 2/3/22

  • Add product default image

Version: 1.9.195 (minor update) released on 2/3/22

  • Fix integration toggle is not correct

Version: 1.9.194 (minor update) released on 2/1/22

  • Move main container type setting to webadmin
  • Move blog categories list items per row setting to webadmin
  • Move blog posts list items per row setting to webadmin
  • Move product list items per row setting to webadmin

Version: 1.9.193 (minor update) released on 1/31/22

  • Update TaxJar instruction text

Version: 1.9.192 (minor update) released on 1/28/22

  • Fix issue with fulfillment method options not showing correct initial values on product page
    Fix an issue where uploading an image in the RMH item import modal resets other fields

Version: 1.9.191 (minor update) released on 1/28/22

  • Update session lifetime to 60 hours

Version: 1.9.190 (minor update) released on 1/26/22

  • Fix issues with blog category class rename

Version: 1.9.189 (minor update) released on 1/26/22

  • Check variant availability when filtering product availability

Version: 1.9.188 (minor update) released on 1/25/22

  • Upgrade event category table shortcode

Version: 1.9.187 (minor update) released on 1/25/22

  • Remove show children feature from pages

Version: 1.9.186 (minor update) released on 1/25/22

  • Fix auto linking RMH items not finding all possible matches

Version: 1.9.185 (minor update) released on 1/24/22

  • Fix database query issue when finding RMH items to link to existing products

Version: 1.9.184 (minor update) released on 1/24/22

  • Update product UI

Version: 1.9.183 (minor update) released on 1/24/22

  • Add product image missing dashboard notification

Version: 1.9.182 (minor update) released on 1/24/22

  • Save space on product page

Version: 1.9.181 (minor update) released on 1/24/22

  • Rename header menu placeholder

Version: 1.9.180 (minor update) released on 1/22/22

  • Refactor customer profile sanitizer

Version: 1.9.179 (minor update) released on 1/21/22

  • Upgrade UI on ecommerce layout

Version: 1.9.178 (minor update) released on 1/20/22

  • Fix image layout on edit page

Version: 1.9.177 (minor update) released on 1/20/22

  • Remove attached forms from pages/posts

Version: 1.9.176 (minor update) released on 1/20/22

  • Only show Admin Notify SMS section when Twilio is enabled

Version: 1.9.175 (minor update) released on 1/20/22

  • Add help text to product page

Version: 1.9.174 (minor update) released on 1/20/22

  • Add form shortcode embed

Version: 1.9.173 (minor update) released on 1/20/22

  • Edit image section tab

Version: 1.9.172 (minor update) released on 1/19/22

  • Make template section collapsed by default

Version: 1.9.171 (minor update) released on 1/19/22

  • Add Visitor Queue integration

Version: 1.9.170 (minor update) released on 1/19/22

  • Add mobile customer login shortcode

Version: 1.9.169 (minor update) released on 1/19/22

  • Update images tab UI on product page

Version: 1.9.168 (minor update) released on 1/18/22

  • Change customer login.

Version: 1.9.167 (minor update) released on 1/17/22

  • Add class for customer login link.

Version: 1.9.166 (minor update) released on 1/17/22

  • Add customer login shortcode

Version: 1.9.165 (minor update) released on 1/15/22

  • Validate customer profile when saving / updating users

Version: 1.9.164 (minor update) released on 1/14/22

  • Add dashboard notification when Mailgun integration is not active

Version: 1.9.163 (minor update) released on 1/13/22

  • Set noindex, nofollow for draft pageable resources

Version: 1.9.162 (minor update) released on 1/13/22

  • Fix refund order issue

Version: 1.9.161 (minor update) released on 1/13/22

  • Only cast setting type when a schema found when saving setting

Version: 1.9.160 (minor update) released on 1/13/22

  • Fix RMH variants sync issue when syncing a large number of items

Version: 1.9.159 (minor update) released on 1/13/22

  • Fix livewire issue

Version: 1.9.158 (minor update) released on 1/13/22

  • Product image size fix

Version: 1.9.157 (minor update) released on 1/13/22

  • Updated birthday club recaptcha layout

Version: 1.9.156 (minor update) released on 1/12/22

  • Set start/end day as default

Version: 1.9.155 (minor update) released on 1/12/22

  • Fix pagination on e gift cards list page in webadmin

Version: 1.9.154 (minor update) released on 1/12/22

  • Move allow robots config to webadmin

Version: 1.9.153 (minor update) released on 1/12/22

  • Fix incorrect brand being selected in RMH item import modal

Version: 1.9.152 (new integration) released on 1/12/22

  • Add Quickbooks Online integration

Version: 1.9.151 (minor update) released on 1/11/22

  • Add default start and end time for date time picker input

Version: 1.9.150 (minor update) released on 1/11/22

  • Add RMH Integration dashboard notification

Version: 1.9.149 (minor update) released on 1/11/22

  • Fix sitemap ordering issue

Version: 1.9.148 (minor update) released on 1/11/22

  • Fix broken links issue

Version: 1.9.147 (minor update) released on 1/8/22

  • Make weight is required when shipping method by weight is enabled

Version: 1.9.146 (minor update) released on 1/8/22

  • Add login form shortcode help text to Site settings

Version: 1.9.145 (minor update) released on 1/8/22

  • Add help text to page wrapper class input

Version: 1.9.144 (minor update) released on 1/7/22

  • Rename Category to BlogCategory in report item tables

Version: 1.9.143 (minor update) released on 1/6/22

  • Show Full Country name for form submission page

Version: 1.9.142 (major integration) released on 1/6/22

  • Add RMH integration

Version: 1.9.141 (minor update) released on 1/5/22

  • Update design table

Version: 1.9.140 (minor update) released on 12/30/21

  • Remove placeholder text from Global Scripts and update some text

Version: 1.9.139 (minor update) released on 12/29/21

  • Fix issue with FormStack shortcode

Version: 1.9.138 (minor update) released on 12/28/21

  • Add dashboard notification for missing Product Images

Version: 1.9.137 (minor update) released on 12/28/21

  • Add dashboard notification for duplicated gtin

Version: 1.9.136 (minor update) released on 12/28/21

  • Fixed colspan issue on products page

Version: 1.9.135 (minor update) released on 12/28/21

  • Remove Chrome validation for brand

Version: 1.9.134 (minor update) released on 12/28/21

  • Create shortcode for FormStack

Version: 1.9.133 (minor update) released on 12/25/21

  • Fix text box visibility issue on Products Weight & Dimension page

Version: 1.9.132 (minor update) released on 12/25/21

  • Remove loading indicator of order export button

Version: 1.9.131 (minor update) released on 12/23/21

  • update text

Version: 1.9.130 (minor update) released on 12/23/21

  • Fix passing null value to findBatch on broken link manager

Version: 1.9.129 (minor update) released on 12/22/21

  • update text

Version: 1.9.128 (minor update) released on 12/22/21

  • Improve broken link scanner

Version: 1.9.127 (minor update) released on 12/22/21

  • Fix add to cart button text on product page

Version: 1.9.126 (minor update) released on 12/21/21

  • Hide Admin Notify Email when cms is not set to ecommerce.

Version: 1.9.125 (minor update) released on 12/20/21

  • Fix structured data for product brand
  • Disallow adding a payment field to a form when a form payment processor does not exist
  • Fix favicon in the webadmin

Version: 1.9.124 (minor update) released on 12/17/21

  • Fix Section doesn't render styles in frontend

Version: 1.9.123 (minor update) released on 12/17/21

  • Fix error on tax reports page when a tax transaction doesn't have county information

Version: 1.9.122 (minor update) released on 12/17/21

  • Add blog index notification

Version: 1.9.121 (minor update) released on 12/16/21

  • Fix Redirect validator

Version: 1.9.120 (minor update) released on 12/14/21

  • Fix browser title issue

Version: 1.9.119 (minor update) released on 12/14/21

  • Fix messages for product option validator

Version: 1.9.118 (minor update) released on 12/14/21

  • Fix bugsnag issue on checkout

Version: 1.9.117 (minor update) released on 12/14/21

  • Hide rules section for section separate form field
  • Move ecommerce settings to the webadmin

Version: 1.9.116 (minor update) released on 12/14/21

  • Update image thumbnail width to 500px

Version: 1.9.115 (minor update) released on 12/13/21

  • Optimize performance of meta table queries

Version: 1.9.114 (minor update) released on 12/11/21

  • Fix abandoned cart sub total

Version: 1.9.113 (minor update) released on 12/11/21

  • Fix product sanitizer for product options

Version: 1.9.112 (minor update) released on 12/11/21

  • Set noindex nofollow for password protected page

Version: 1.9.111 (minor update) released on 12/10/21

  • Dashboard notification for address validation

Version: 1.9.110 (minor update) released on 12/10/21

  • Fix 404 when bulk delete

Version: 1.9.109 (minor update) released on 12/10/21

  • Add Review Wave and Acuity Scheduling integrations

Version: 1.9.108 (minor update) released on 12/9/21

  • Show cart total for abandoned carts

Version: 1.9.107 (minor update) released on 12/9/21

  • Fix long pagination on product page

Version: 1.9.106 (minor update) released on 12/9/21

  • Show image popover on hover for product images in the webadmin

Version: 1.9.105 (minor update) released on 12/9/21

  • Add notification when TaxJar not set up

Version: 1.9.104 (minor update) released on 12/8/21

  • Fix routes for blog categories

Version: 1.9.103 (minor update) released on 12/7/21

  • Fix rounding issue when formatting cent price

Version: 1.9.102 (minor update) released on 12/6/21

  • Remove boostrap configuration from master settings page

Version: 1.9.101 (minor update) released on 12/6/21

  • Add sign up link to login page

Version: 1.9.100 (minor update) released on 12/6/21

  • Add user email to abandoned cart details page

Version: 1.9.99 (minor update) released on 12/4/21

  • Fix products list page in webadmin

Version: 1.9.98 (minor update) released on 12/4/21

  • Fix time format in webadmin form submission page

Version: 1.9.97 (minor update) released on 12/4/21

  • Add email to user profile page

Version: 1.9.96 (minor update) released on 12/3/21

  • Make products out of stock that no longer exist in Locally report

Version: 1.9.95 (minor update) released on 12/3/21

  • Fix export orders page

Version: 1.9.94 (minor update) released on 12/2/21

  • Fix Podium integration

Version: 1.9.93 (minor update) released on 12/1/21

  • Add bulk actions to locations page

Version: 1.9.92 (minor update) released on 12/1/21

  • Fix badge style in blog post page

Version: 1.9.91 (minor update) released on 11/30/21

  • Fix events pages in webadmin

Version: 1.9.90 (minor update) released on 11/30/21

  • Restrict file type to csv on locations import page

Version: 1.9.89 (minor update) released on 11/30/21

  • Update texts and UI on ecommerce settings page

Version: 1.9.88 (minor update) released on 11/30/21

  • Update url global-scripts to javascript

Version: 1.9.87 (minor update) released on 11/30/21

  • Fix product sanitizer

Version: 1.9.86 (minor update) released on 11/26/21

  • Fix eCommerce settings page for low inventory checkbox not saving issue

Version: 1.9.85 (minor update) released on 11/26/21

  • Fix thank you page removal issue when converting to regular site

Version: 1.9.84 (minor update) released on 11/25/21

  • Fix default sort for popups by status

Version: 1.9.83 (minor update) released on 11/25/21

  • Sort events by ascending date in webadmin

Version: 1.9.82 (minor update) released on 11/25/21

  • Add TSYS test card help text

Version: 1.9.81 (minor update) released on 11/25/21

  • Add placeholder for GTM

Version: 1.9.80 (minor update) released on 11/24/21

  • Fix Locally feed not syncing daily

Version: 1.9.79 (minor update) released on 11/23/21

  • Fix page of products missing weight / dimensions

Version: 1.9.78 (minor update) released on 11/23/21

  • Update text on facebook pixel integration page

Version: 1.9.77 (minor update) released on 11/23/21

  • Add Semcasting integration

Version: 1.9.76 (minor update) released on 11/22/21

  • Add smilesnap content in frontend

Version: 1.9.75 (minor update) released on 11/22/21

  • Add tool for debugging checkout errors from Bugsnag reports

Version: 1.9.74 (minor update) released on 11/19/21

  • Sort events by date in descending order on webadmin

Version: 1.9.73 (minor update) released on 11/19/21

  • Fix product images style on webadmin

Version: 1.9.72 (minor update) released on 11/19/21

  • Move position of popups in the webadmin menu

Version: 1.9.71 (minor update) released on 11/19/21

  • Add dashboard notification to add tax locations

Version: 1.9.70 (minor update) released on 11/17/21

  • Update text on TSYS integration pages

Version: 1.9.69 (minor update) released on 11/17/21

  • Add API docs for age restriction classes

Version: 1.9.68 (minor update) released on 11/16/21

  • Update styles for select images component

Version: 1.9.67 (minor update) released on 11/15/21

  • Fix vue issue on popup content

Version: 1.9.66 (minor update) released on 11/15/21

  • Add API routes for age restriction classes

Version: 1.9.65 (minor update) released on 11/13/21

  • Update Virtual Merchant ID to Vital Merchant ID

Version: 1.9.64 (minor update) released on 11/13/21

  • Add google support link to google shopping page

Version: 1.9.63 (minor update) released on 11/11/21

  • Fix Javascript build issue

Version: 1.9.62 (minor update) released on 11/11/21

  • Fix html suggestion issue

Version: 1.9.61 (minor update) released on 11/10/21

  • Remove JS Plus Bootstrap plugin

Version: 1.9.60 (minor update) released on 11/10/21

  • Improve UX for TSYS integration page

Version: 1.9.59 (minor update) released on 11/9/21

  • Fix product missing pricing report
  • Update N1ED configuration instructions
  • Use strict email validation style by default

Version: 1.9.58 (minor update) released on 11/8/21

  • Remove country column from shipping zones table

Version: 1.9.57 (minor update) released on 11/6/21

  • Add job openings using this form area to form edit page

Version: 1.9.56 (minor update) released on 11/6/21

  • Update ecommerce settings to not allow svg for logos

Version: 1.9.55 (minor update) released on 11/5/21

  • Move "Promo Bar" position in side bar

Version: 1.9.54 (minor update) released on 11/4/21

  • Fix date format for events structured data

Version: 1.9.53 (minor update) released on 11/4/21

  • Fix notify cc validation rule for forms

Version: 1.9.52 (minor update) released on 11/3/21

  • Add promo bars
  • Show configuration options on N1ED integration page

Version: 1.9.51 (minor update) released on 11/3/21

  • Fix error with blog posts shortcode

Version: 1.9.50 (minor update) released on 11/2/21

  • Fix missing admin notify email notification

Version: 1.9.49 (minor update) released on 11/2/21

  • Don't calculate tax when TaxJar not enabled
  • Fix checkout payment methods shrinking on small screens
  • Hide columns on checkout pages

Version: 1.9.48 (new integration) released on 11/2/21

  • Set up N1ED integration

Version: 1.9.47 (minor update) released on 11/2/21

  • Update Product Missing weight and dimension notification to show only when shipping method is enabled

Version: 1.9.46 (new integration) released on 11/2/21

  • Add TikTok integration

Version: 1.9.45 (minor update) released on 11/1/21

  • Fix error that occurs when summarized tax rates don't exist

Version: 1.9.44 (minor update) released on 11/1/21

  • Move checkout billing address fields. Use billing address for shipping address when checking out with Affirm for pickup orders

Version: 1.9.43 (minor update) released on 10/30/21

  • Update text for product sales

Version: 1.9.42 (minor update) released on 10/30/21

  • Fix missing admin notify email to show only on ecommerce sites

Version: 1.9.41 (minor update) released on 10/30/21

  • Fix some CMS Upgrades

Version: 1.9.40 (minor update) released on 10/30/21

  • Fix RefreshTaxJarRates command

Version: 1.9.39 (minor update) released on 10/30/21

  • Update command UpdateMediaUrlsToS3

Version: 1.9.38 (minor update) released on 10/28/21

  • Update default testimonial notify email address

Version: 1.9.37 (minor update) released on 10/28/21

  • Don't show structured data when product doesn't have price

Version: 1.9.36 (minor update) released on 10/28/21

  • Fix rounding issues with Affirm checkout

Version: 1.9.35 (minor update) released on 10/28/21

  • Add Missing emails admin notify email notification

Version: 1.9.34 (minor update) released on 10/28/21

  • Update Abandoned Cart Email Settings

Version: 1.9.33 (minor update) released on 10/27/21

  • Show error message when error occurs during shipping rate calculation

Version: 1.9.32 (minor update) released on 10/26/21

  • Remove unneeded configuration for Heartland integration

Version: 1.9.31 (minor update) released on 10/26/21

  • Update continue shopping button to support other page types

Version: 1.9.30 (minor update) released on 10/26/21

  • Fix product category sort price

Version: 1.9.29 (minor update) released on 10/25/21

  • Fix product missing price issue

Version: 1.9.28 (minor update) released on 10/25/21

  • Fix error that occurs when accessing shipping rates route before starting checkout

Version: 1.9.27 (minor update) released on 10/25/21

  • Fix error the occurs when switching site type to ecommerce

Version: 1.9.26 (minor update) released on 10/25/21

  • Fix special characters causing errors with Google Shopping Feed

Version: 1.9.25 (minor update) released on 10/23/21

  • Update toggle input component

Version: 1.9.24 (minor update) released on 10/22/21

  • Rename Description to Options in Order invoice

Version: 1.9.23 (minor update) released on 10/22/21

  • Fix error when changing payment method to affirm

Version: 1.9.22 (minor update) released on 10/22/21

  • Add a way to define structured data strategy for custom models

Version: 1.9.21 (minor update) released on 10/21/21

  • Don't dispatch job to update Google shopping inventory if inventory didn't change

Version: 1.9.20 (minor update) released on 10/21/21

  • Optimize resize attached images job

Version: 1.9.19 (minor update) released on 10/20/21

  • Fix error when saving failed recaptcha responses

Version: 1.9.18 (minor update) released on 10/20/21

  • Fix 404 error when bulk delete pages

Version: 1.9.17 (minor update) released on 10/19/21

  • Add User Agent to Form Submissions

Version: 1.9.16 (minor update) released on 10/18/21

  • Fix Javascript words
  • Fix E-Mail Address words

Version: 1.9.15 (minor update) released on 10/18/21

  • Fix EcommerceContentsSeeder
  • Remove duplicated input in Brands create/edit page

Version: 1.9.14 (minor update) released on 10/18/21

  • Fix ECommerceSeeder

Version: 1.9.13 (minor update) released on 10/18/21

  • Add forgot password page to webadmin

Version: 1.9.12 (minor update) released on 10/18/21

  • Fix name conflicts with header search forms

Version: 1.9.11 (minor update) released on 10/18/21

  • Fix event time not being parsed correctly

Version: 1.9.10 (minor update) released on 10/16/21

  • Fix cast attribute for EventDate

Version: 1.9.9 (minor update) released on 10/16/21

  • Update google shopping feed API credentials

Version: 1.9.8 (minor update) released on 10/16/21

  • Update “user from email not defined notification”

Version: 1.9.7 (minor update) released on 10/16/21

  • Use toggle input for boolean variable

Version: 1.9.6 (minor update) released on 10/16/21

  • Fix accredited business content config variable

Version: 1.9.5 (minor update) released on 10/16/21

  • Rename Global Scripts to Javascript

Version: 1.9.4 (minor update) released on 10/16/21

  • Add “BBB Accredited Business” to Integrations

Version: 1.9.3 (minor update) released on 10/16/21

  • Add wedding wire integration

Version: 1.9.2 (minor update) released on 10/15/21

  • Fix CMS Upgrade for eCommerce migration

Version: 1.9.1 (minor update) released on 10/15/21

  • Fix styles on popup create / edit page

Version: 1.9.0 (major update) released on 10/15/21

  • Upgrade to Laravel 8
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