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Hosting with a CDN
SSL Certificate
ADA Compliance
World's Best SEO Web Technology
Manage Pages
Sales & Analytic Reports
Global Scripts
Dedicated 5 Star Support
Manage Templates & CSS
Admin Accounts unlimited unlimited unlimited
Repeatable Blocks developer needed
Dynamic Templates developer needed
Email Campaigns - -
Birthday Club - -
SEO Max - -
Events - -
Locations - -
Careers - -
Staff Members - -
Popup - -
Reviews - -
Payment Forms
Abandoned Cart n/a
Automatically Import Products n/a
Products n/a unlimited unlimited
Orders n/a unlimited unlimited
Automatically calculate sales tax n/a
up to 60 orders

up to 150 orders
Automate Your Sales Tax Filing n/a TaxJar API Required TaxJar API Required
Address Validation (coming soon) n/a
Credit Card Rates
* Interchange+ Pricing w/Max Payments
15¢ per transaction
15¢ per transaction
10¢ per transaction
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