Stay Ahead with Real-Time Notifications - Right at Your Fingertips!

CMS Max and Twilio

Experience the Power of our CMS Max & Twilio Integration

At CMS Max, we're thrilled to announce an exciting new feature for our customers: the seamless integration of Twilio with your CMS Max website. This cutting-edge addition is set to revolutionize the way you connect with your audience and get notified on the go of new orders.

Why Twilio? Twilio is a leader in communication technologies, renowned for its reliable and versatile solutions. By integrating Twilio with your CMS Max website, we're offering a robust tool that empowers you with instant, efficient communication capabilities directly from your site.

Free Opt-In, Maximum Benefits The best part? This integration is available to all our CMS Max customers at no extra cost! Opt-in to leverage Twilio’s powerful features and elevate your website's functionality.

Real-Time Notifications, Real-Time Responses Stay in the loop with instant notifications for:

  • Order Alerts: Get immediate updates when an order is placed through your website. Quick alerts mean you can process orders faster, enhancing customer satisfaction. This is especially ideal for that large store with multiple employees who don't necessairly have time to check the email or even have access to the company's email.

  • Form Submission Notifications: Receive alerts the moment a form is submitted on your site. Whether it's a customer inquiry, a new subscriber, or a service request, you’ll be the first to know, enabling prompt responses.

Seamless Integration, Simplified Operations

  • Effortless Setup: Integrating Twilio with your CMS Max website is a breeze. We handle the technicalities, so you can focus on your business.
  • Customizable Alerts: Tailor your notification preferences to suit your business needs. Choose what you get notified about and how you receive these alerts.
  • Enhanced Engagement: With faster response times to orders and inquiries, you’re not just communicating; you’re building lasting relationships with your customers.

How to Get Started Ready to transform your website’s communication capabilities? Here's how to install Twilio.

  1. Visit your CMS Max dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the Integrations section from settings.
  3. Click Add Integration and search for Twilio and click activate.
  4. Navigate to your store's notification settings or form submissions area to add your phone number.

Questions? We’re Here to Help! Need assistance or have questions about the Twilio integration? Our dedicated support team is always here to ensure you make the most out of your CMS Max experience.