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How to Call or Contact Google Business Support

Google Business phone support no longer exists at 844-442-8695. Now you have to visit for support.

How to Auto start printing an html page using javascript

The following code must be put at the "Source" of your page you are trying to make auto-print on page load. Click HERE to test!

How to Create a Custom Google Map with Pins

Do you have a business with multiple locations? Google Maps has a tool where you can input all your locations and generate a Google Map that you can embed on your website. Example below. To get started click here. Looking for a custom solution? View our Locations Module!

How to Download a Websites Favicon

Looking to download a favicon from your website or someone else's? You can do it by pasting this URL in below and changing the domain name to whatever you want.

What do the price ranges $, $$, $$$ mean?

You might see the picture below used in areas for Structured Data, Google, Facebook etc... but what does it mean? This is typically only used in the restaurant industry. $ = Inexpensive, usually $10 and under $$ = Moderately expensive, usually between $10-$25 $$$ = Expensive, usually...

How to add Text Shadow with CSS

Text without text-shadow: Heading Random text... Text with text-shadow: Heading Random text...  Add this code inside your heading or paragraph tag: style="text-shadow: 2px 2px 5px #000000;" Should look like this: <h2 style="text...

Background Video Examples

CMS Max website technology will play a video in the background of all website browsers, tablets and mobile devices. Below are 2 examples. Here is an example of Jarallax video background   Here is an example of basic video HTML tag

How to Manage the Carousel (slideshow)

Center Align 1. Set a specific pixel width 2. Check "Center Align" 3. Add "max-width: 100%" to the style tag to make it responsive Make Full Width To make a carousel stretch to the full width of the page, add the "carousel-full-width" class to t...

How To Create a Scrollable Div

To make a scrollable div, limit the height of the element and set overflow to scroll in the CSS. Optionally, add a border and some padding to help distinguish the scrollable content from everything else. Example: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elit dictumst facilisis di...

Styling Restaurant Menus

The markup and class structure should look like the following: restaurant-menu restaurant-menu-item restaurant-menu-item-name restaurant-menu-item-price restaurant-menu-item-description (optional) restaurant-menu-item restaurant-menu-item-name r...

How to do Google Analytics Event Tracking

It's a simple tag you can add to links. gtag('event', 'click', {event_category: 'Mobile Button', event_label: 'Contact'}); The two things highlighted in yellow are the things you can customize. The first is the event category and the second is the event la...

How to Make Print Friendly Responsive Columns

On print it goes by the mobile size. Change col-sm to col-xs

How To Make A Print This HTML Webpage Link

Click HERE to Print this page <p><a href="#" onclick="window.print();return false;">Click HERE to Print this page</a></p>  

How to do a Responsive Embed

Rules are directly applied to <iframe>, <embed>, <video>, and <object> elements; optionally use an explicit descendant class.embed-responsive-item when you want to match the styling for other attributes. <div class="embed-responsive...

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