Version: 1.5.41 (minor feature) released on 2/20/21

  • Add custom fields to Location module

Version: 1.5.40 (minor feature) released on 2/18/21

  • Updated our MailChimp integration to now import into an audience for orders and birthday clubs.

Version: 1.5.39 (minor feature) released on 2/17/21

  • Updated navigation menu for eCommerce bulk section

Version: 1.5.37 (minor feature) released on 2/14/21

  • Removed old Instagram scraper

Version: 1.5.35 (minor feature) released on 2/10/21

  • Use website as default og:type for facebook meta tag

Version: 1.5.34 (minor feature) released on 2/10/21

  • Remove default recaptcha keys for newly build CMS sites.

Version: 1.5.33 (minor feature) released on 2/9/21

  • Remove address, phone fields from birthday

Version: 1.5.31 (minor feature) released on 2/9/21

  • Remove payzee, virtual merchant payment providers.

Version: 1.5.30 (minor feature) released on 2/9/21

  • Fix locations import issue with router

Version: 1.5.29 (minor feature) released on 2/9/21

  • Add feature of event export signups in webadmin

Version: 1.5.25 (minor feature) released on 2/7/21

  • Many misc tweaks and improvements to the webadmin UI.

Version: 1.5.07 (minor feature)

  • Added ability to import locations

Version: 1.5.06 (minor feature)

  • Updated CMS styles, upgraded Google Shopping data and improved server response pages

Version: 1.5.01 (new feature)

  • Add Recaptcha Rejection module in webadmin

Version: 1.5 (major upgrade)

  • Updated all backend codes to the latest versions
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