Version: 2.30.48 (minor update) released on 12/1/23

  • Add command to unset use variant if variants count is 0

Version: 2.30.47 (minor update) released on 12/1/23

  • Switch to use daily log and keep them for 14 days

Version: 2.30.46 (minor update) released on 12/1/23

  • Don’t log invalid webhook call events

Version: 2.30.45 (minor update) released on 11/29/23

  • Fix the missing price query to not count the hidden variants in the dashboard notification

Version: 2.30.44 (minor update) released on 11/27/23

  • Prevent to access PayPal endpoints when the integration is not configured

Version: 2.30.43 (minor update) released on 11/27/23

  • Add brand index shortcode

Version: 2.30.42 (minor update) released on 11/27/23

  • Make the reset password page prefill with email

Version: 2.30.41 (minor update) released on 11/27/23

  • Set password type for secret fields

Version: 2.30.40 (minor update) released on 11/23/23

  • Added maximum length for credit card fields on the checkout page.
  • Updated dependencies.

Version: 2.30.39 (minor update) released on 11/21/23

  • Optimize DB queries on abandoned cart
  • Add items for Google Feed

Version: 2.30.38 (minor update) released on 11/20/23

  • Ignore locations/search from robots.txt

Version: 2.30.37 (minor update) released on 11/20/23

  • Only create Taxjar order when the integration is enabled

Version: 2.30.36 (minor update) released on 11/19/23

  • Use Wondersign API v3

Version: 2.30.35 (minor update) released on 11/17/23

  • Prevent the incorrect type of input search string from being passed

Version: 2.30.34 (minor update) released on 11/17/23

  • Fix an issue of abandoned cart with Laravel 10
  • Optimize Cache TTL

Version: 2.30.33 (minor update) released on 11/12/23

  • Merge webadmin routes

Version: 2.30.32 (minor update) released on 11/11/23

  • Fix enable fulfillment method issue

Version: 2.30.31 (minor update) released on 11/10/23

  • Fix promo bar state issue

Version: 2.30.30 (minor update) released on 11/10/23

  • Make shipping nullable

Version: 2.30.29 (minor update) released on 11/10/23

  • Delete FB Pixel Tracking script for pages on new install

Version: 2.30.28 (minor update) released on 11/10/23

  • Fix invalid amount error from CardPointe

Version: 2.30.27 (minor update) released on 11/9/23

  • Allow to submit the product search form by clicking the icon

Version: 2.30.26 (minor update) released on 11/9/23

  • Improve product options queries

Version: 2.30.25 (minor update) released on 11/9/23

  • Display friendly status for promo bars
  • Add a default sort for promo bars

Version: 2.30.24 (minor update) released on 11/9/23

  • Update table headings on webadmin form index page

Version: 2.30.23 (minor update) released on 11/9/23

  • Do not show price when the product only use option until user select a price from option

Version: 2.30.22 (minor update) released on 11/9/23

  • Use meta URL for canonical URL instead of the request URL

Version: 2.30.21 (minor update) released on 11/9/23

  • Update actual URL on blog setting page

Version: 2.30.20 (minor update) released on 11/9/23

  • Disable the address autocomplete field when Google Map integration is not enabled
  • Update GTM integration page

Version: 2.30.19 (minor update) released on 11/9/23

  • Move from below to above limit pickup table
  • Rearrange blog category table and add the light grey help notices
  • Hide unused tabs from Template section in Section page

Version: 2.30.18 (minor update) released on 11/8/23

  • Fix & improvement HCaptcha UI
  • Add HCaptcha for checkout

Version: 2.30.17 (minor update) released on 11/8/23

  • Allows br tag in ckeditor

Version: 2.30.16 (minor update) released on 11/7/23

  • Add an optional parameter to show non-urlable models

Version: 2.30.15 (minor update) released on 11/7/23

  • Remove CardPointe site ID, add sandbox mode

Version: 2.30.14 (minor update) released on 11/6/23

  • Refactor webadmin routes

Version: 2.30.13 (minor update) released on 11/3/23

  • Fix parsing error on refund amount

Version: 2.30.12 (minor update) released on 11/3/23

  • Fix refund issue and amount data type of CardPointe

Version: 2.30.11 (minor update) released on 11/3/23

  • Add CardPointe support for Form Payment

Version: 2.30.10 (minor update) released on 11/1/23

  • Add CardPointe form styles

Version: 2.30.09 (minor update) released on 11/1/23

  • Update fulfillment methods & payment methods UI

Version: 2.30.08 (minor update) released on 10/31/23

  • Rename local media folder

Version: 2.30.07 (minor update) released on 10/31/23

  • Add CardPointe capture & refund

Version: 2.30.06 (minor update) released on 10/31/23

  • Fix the datetime issue on Coupon page

Version: 2.30.05 (minor update) released on 10/31/23

  • Fix payment method count

Version: 2.30.04 (minor update) released on 10/31/23

  • Fix graph image issue

Version: 2.30.03 (minor update) released on 10/30/23

  • Fix the browser title of homepage

Version: 2.30.02 (minor update) released on 10/30/23

  • Remove Youtube embed shortcode

Version: 2.30.01 (minor update) released on 10/29/23

  • Remove Zoho

Version: 2.30.00 (minor update) released on 10/27/23

  • Upgrade to Laravel 10

Version: 2.23.07 (minor update) released on 10/27/23

  • Add the ability to switch between drop down and a text box for Quantity

Version: 2.23.06 (minor update) released on 10/25/23

  • Fixed issue where fulfillment methods were not being populated on the product edit page

Version: 2.23.05 (minor update) released on 10/25/23

  • Ignore empty product content after stripping HTML tags when generating Facebook & Instagram feeds
  • Refactor the available scope to work correctly with a complex query

Version: 2.23.04 (minor update) released on 10/25/23

  • Fix coupon does work for regular users
  • Improve UI/UX of coupon feature

Version: 2.23.03 (minor update) released on 10/24/23

  • Remove Automated Campaign completely

Version: 2.23.02 (minor update) released on 10/24/23

  • Improve Fulfillment Methods on Add Checkout Fee

Version: 2.23.01 (minor update) released on 10/23/23

  • Fix product search returns invalid data

Version: 2.23.00 (minor update) released on 10/23/23

  • Remove bootstrap 3 completely

Version: 2.22.24 (minor update) released on 10/23/23

  • Fix og image issue

Version: 2.22.23 (minor update) released on 10/22/23

  • Add Ecomind when using CNP transactions with CardPointe

Version: 2.22.22 (minor update) released on 10/20/23

  • Fixed an issue where fulfillment methods were not being re-populated after validation failure.
  • Optimized the related products.

Version: 2.22.21 (minor update) released on 10/20/23

  • Fix issue where the sale price was not appearing on the product detail page.

Version: 2.22.20 (minor update) released on 10/20/23

  • Remove Zoho
  • Update dependencies

Version: 2.22.19 (minor update) released on 10/19/23

  • Update In-Store pickup text

Version: 2.22.18 (minor update) released on 10/19/23

  • Add fulfillment methods images

Version: 2.22.17 (minor update) released on 10/18/23

  • Add IP Stack integration
  • Update In-Store pickup name

Version: 2.22.16 (minor update) released on 10/16/23

  • Fix UI issue of age verification

Version: 2.22.15 (minor update) released on 10/16/23

  • Remove 5 columns product listing layout
  • Fix issue for 6 columns product listing layout

Version: 2.22.14 (minor update) released on 10/16/23

  • Do not add sitemap url in robots.txt when the add-on is not enabled

Version: 2.22.13 (minor update) released on 10/16/23

  • Set TSYS timeout to 45 seconds

Version: 2.22.12 (minor update) released on 10/16/23

  • Do not count “mailto:“, “tel:“, “javascript:” as a 404 report item

Version: 2.22.11 (minor update) released on 10/16/23

  • Add “product added to cart” message below the button when using ajax for add to cart button

Version: 2.22.10 (minor update) released on 10/15/23

  • Improve coupon UI/UX

Version: 2.22.09 (minor update) released on 10/15/23

  • Add fulfillment methods info on product detail page

Version: 2.22.08 (minor update) released on 10/13/23

  • Add from price if product has variants on the product listing section
  • Add site type to setup page

Version: 2.22.07 (minor update) released on 10/13/23

  • Change text “Manage SEO” to “Manage SEO Max”
  • Add validation for age verification

Version: 2.22.06 (minor update) released on 10/13/23

  • Add new ecommerce settings page

Version: 2.22.05 (minor update) released on 10/13/23

  • Remove UserWay dashboard notification

Version: 2.22.04 (minor update) released on 10/13/23

  • Do not log internal forms URLs as a 404 report item

Version: 2.22.03 (minor update) released on 10/12/23

  • Fix form styles alignment on alternative buy form

Version: 2.22.02 (minor update) released on 10/11/23

  • Add an API endpoint to get list of product attributes

Version: 2.22.01 (minor update) released on 10/11/23

  • Fix Cookie Consent doesn’t show correct text & button

Version: 2.22.00 (minor update) released on 10/10/23

  • Remove search-all shortcode
  • Remove pageable search result index
  • Update search URL for robots.txt & the structured data for website schema

Version: 2.21.06 (minor update) released on 10/9/23

  • Add warning alert when saving products without fulfillment methods

Version: 2.21.05 (minor update) released on 10/8/23

  • Only sync inventory to Google when merchant id is not empty
  • Fix an error when creating coupon without custom group

Version: 2.21.04 (minor update) released on 10/7/23

  • Fixed an issue where the “Continue” button on the checkout page was disabled.

Version: 2.21.03 (minor update) released on 10/7/23

  • Update product list items and related products per row to include 5 and 6 columns option

Version: 2.21.02 (minor update) released on 10/5/23

  • Only show active method in fulfillment method dropdown filter

Version: 2.21.01 (minor update) released on 10/5/23

  • Do not count inactive fulfilment method
  • Remove fulfilment method from product index page in webadmin

Version: 2.21.00 (minor update) released on 10/5/23

  • Refactor delivery fulfillment method
  • Add fulfillment method stats

Version: 2.20.15 (minor update) released on 10/4/23

  • Fix the form instance is not fully loaded in some cases

Version: 2.20.14 (minor update) released on 10/3/23

  • Add sitemap shortcode in new CMS install

Version: 2.20.13 (minor update) released on 10/2/23

  • Remove UserWay integration from being default active on new CMS installs
  • Auto-add UserWay script when add UserWay integration
  • Fire an event when an integration is added to system
  • Set the default location of Zuppler integration position from Header to End of Body

Version: 2.20.12 (minor update) released on 10/2/23

  • Add CardPointe Hosted Iframe Tokenizer for checkout

Version: 2.20.11 (minor update) released on 9/30/23

  • Remove improveit360 integration

Version: 2.20.10 (minor update) released on 9/30/23

  • Add notifications for out-of-stock and in-stock images for products.

Version: 2.20.09 (minor update) released on 9/29/23

  • Fix Array to string conversion error when comparing 2 items in cart

Version: 2.20.08 (minor update) released on 9/29/23

  • Remove the old N1ED integration

Version: 2.20.07 (minor update) released on 9/29/23

  • update core blog layout

Version: 2.20.06 (minor update) released on 9/28/23

  • Add Livewire component shortcode

Version: 2.20.05 (minor update) released on 9/27/23

  • Add cover or contain depending on the selection from settings for product images

Version: 2.20.04 (minor update) released on 9/27/23

  • update bootstrap styles on user login page and help text

Version: 2.20.03 (minor update) released on 9/26/23

  • Temporary disable the related products dropdown in create/edit product page

Version: 2.20.02 (minor update) released on 9/26/23

  • Remove old Paypal env variables

Version: 2.20.01 (minor update) released on 9/25/23

  • Use Bootstrap bundle

Version: 2.20.00 (minor update) released on 9/25/23

  • Add PayPal as a payment method for checkout
  • Add the ability to refund with PayPal in the webadmin
  • Remove old PayPal integration from database
  • Add foundation for CardPointe integration

Version: 2.19.32 (minor update) released on 9/22/23

  • Fix the HCaptcha active checking was not functioning correctly.

Version: 2.19.31 (minor update) released on 9/22/23

  • Add Score Verification setting for Hcaptcha integration

Version: 2.19.30 (minor update) released on 9/22/23

  • Update dependencies
  • Fix namespace of hCaptcha when the account does not support score verification

Version: 2.19.29 (minor update) released on 9/22/23

  • Always use title case for the product title when creating a product via API.
  • Auto-prepend a number at the end of the URL if the URL already exists when creating or updating a product.

Version: 2.19.28 (minor update) released on 9/22/23

  • Update text on location page
  • Improve UX on blog post page

Version: 2.19.27 (minor update) released on 9/21/23

  • Prevent overriding product creation date via API.

Version: 2.19.26 (minor update) released on 9/21/23

  • Add asterisk when address field is required

Version: 2.19.25 (minor update) released on 9/21/23

  • Add Google bots to robots.txt

Version: 2.19.24 (minor update) released on 9/20/23

  • Fix visibility issue on product validation

Version: 2.19.23 (minor update) released on 9/20/23

  • Make Order presentable for webhooks

Version: 2.19.22 (minor update) released on 9/20/23

  • Do not show sale price when sale price matches original price on listing pages

Version: 2.19.21 (minor update) released on 9/20/23

  • Fixed missing weight notification and corrected report functionality issues.

Version: 2.19.20 (minor update) released on 9/20/23

  • Do not show sale price when sale price matches original price

Version: 2.19.19 (minor update) released on 9/19/23

  • Only print the meta tags when the image exists

Version: 2.19.18 (minor update) released on 9/19/23

  • Add on demand price in order detail email template

Version: 2.19.17 (minor update) released on 9/19/23

  • Update DoorDash default name

Version: 2.19.16 (minor update) released on 9/18/23

  • Update ShipEngine estimate delivery date type

Version: 2.19.15 (minor update) released on 9/18/23

  • Make brand is not required when product is draft

Version: 2.19.14 (minor update) released on 9/18/23

  • Fix filters accept invalid value

Version: 2.19.13 (minor update) released on 9/16/23

  • Fix webadmin product search
  • Fix search return unavailable products

Version: 2.19.12 (minor update) released on 9/15/23

  • Add the ability to sync weight from Locally

Version: 2.19.11 (minor update) released on 9/14/23

  • Remove Twilio from integrations database

Version: 2.19.10 (minor update) released on 9/14/23

  • Fix issue cannot check favicon existence

Version: 2.19.09 (minor update) released on 9/12/23

  • Add tooltip

Version: 2.19.08 (minor update) released on 9/12/23

  • Make fulfillment methods is not required

Version: 2.19.07 (minor update) released on 9/8/23

  • Fix the issue when product url is not found on the product search page

Version: 2.19.06 (minor update) released on 9/8/23

  • Fix notification position

Version: 2.19.05 (minor update) released on 9/7/23

  • Remove leftover of content_above and content_below
  • Fix draft badge to match blog layout
  • Scroll to form upon click on edit product option button

Version: 2.19.04 (minor update) released on 9/7/23

  • Fix the old orders have wrong fulfillment method

Version: 2.19.03 (minor update) released on 9/6/23

  • Add upgrade script to migrate pickup to curbside_pickup & in_store_pickup

Version: 2.19.02 (minor update) released on 9/6/23

  • Do not require primary category & Weight when product is set to Draft

Version: 2.19.01 (minor update) released on 9/2/23

  • Re-add “Embed code” text to Snippets button in richeditor
  • Add API endpoints for managing OrderSubmitted webhooks

Version: 2.19.00 (minor update) released on 9/1/23

  • Remove pickup option
  • Set In-Store Pickup & Curbside Pickup as fulfillment method

Version: 2.18.08 (minor update) released on 8/29/23

  • add wrapper class to nav menu

Version: 2.18.07 (minor update) released on 8/28/23

  • Fix bug in code related to search results

Version: 2.18.06 (minor update) released on 8/25/23

  • Update short code for when eCommerce categories are created.

Version: 2.18.05 (minor update) released on 8/25/23

  • Improve FastSimon sync to include orphan categories

Version: 2.18.04 (minor update) released on 8/23/23

  • Only show published product categories on menu
  • Add validation rule for weight when ShipEngine is enabled
  • Fix the product search in the frontend
  • Fix for sku display on product detail page
  • Only show options on product page if they are enabled from fulfillment page

Version: 2.18.03 (minor update) released on 8/23/23

  • Fix validation rule for bcc field on form page

Version: 2.18.02 (minor update) released on 8/23/23

  • Fix the issue when it marks all products to out of stock when syncing a specific Locally product

Version: 2.18.01 (minor update) released on 8/22/23

  • Added initial support for webhooks

Version: 2.18.00 (minor update) released on 8/21/23

  • Remove child category columns setting from product category
  • Remove show sub categories setting from product category
  • Refactor the category shortcode to have the ability to show subcategories
  • Remove EasyShip Categories from Product & Product Category

Version: 2.17.38 (minor update) released on 8/20/23

  • Remove show all in brand shortcode

Version: 2.17.37 (minor update) released on 8/20/23

  • Update excel path

Version: 2.17.36 (minor update) released on 8/18/23

  • Prevent getting shipping rates from ShipEngine and ShipStation when the API is not set up correctly

Version: 2.17.35 (minor update) released on 8/17/23

  • Add Strike button to toolbar of editor

Version: 2.17.34 (minor update) released on 8/16/23

  • Remove leftover stuff of Square integration

Version: 2.17.33 (minor update) released on 8/15/23

  • Fix issue on create form page

Version: 2.17.32 (minor update) released on 8/15/23

  • Remove import order from TaxJar integration

Version: 2.17.31 (minor update) released on 8/15/23

  • Only show ShipEngine’s alcohol flag on Liquor Max
  • Update the menu order in webadmin

Version: 2.17.30 (minor update) released on 8/15/23

  • Add the ability to allow alcohol shipping in ShipEngine integration

Version: 2.17.29 (minor update) released on 8/13/23

  • Exclude no index, no follow page from search result

Version: 2.17.28 (minor update) released on 8/13/23

  • Fix default value of resourceable filter on Browser Titles page
  • Add quantity info on the Shipping Method checkout page
  • Handle admin name input

Version: 2.17.27 (minor update) released on 8/11/23

  • Add a setting to allow the user to choose whether to charge tax on shipping
  • Add the ability to charge tax on shipping with TaxJar

Version: 2.17.26 (minor update) released on 8/10/23

  • Fix sending form submission email twice.

Version: 2.17.25 (minor update) released on 8/10/23

  • Allow playsinline attribute on video tag

Version: 2.17.24 (minor update) released on 8/10/23

  • Add score verification for hCaptcha
  • Add the ability to switch CMS Max’s hCaptcha account and user’s account

Version: 2.17.23 (minor update) released on 8/10/23

  • Fix pagination style on blog shortcode

Version: 2.17.22 (minor update) released on 8/10/23

  • Fix the limit attribute won’t work on the blogs shortcode
  • Fix the category attribute won’t work on the blogs shortcode

Version: 2.17.21 (minor update) released on 8/9/23

  • Fix the blank page error in FastSimon collection

Version: 2.17.20 (minor update) released on 8/8/23

  • Fix the type of delivery days of Shipping Engine

Version: 2.17.19 (minor update) released on 8/8/23

  • Remove some RMH leftover stuff

Version: 2.17.18 (minor update) released on 8/8/23

  • Fix content column report doesn’t work correctly

Version: 2.17.17 (minor update) released on 8/8/23

  • Add the ability to expand product variant price to 5 decimals

Version: 2.17.16 (minor update) released on 8/7/23

  • Fix hcaptcha style on horizontal form

Version: 2.17.15 (minor update) released on 8/7/23

  • Fix return type of length

Version: 2.17.14 (minor update) released on 8/7/23

  • Fix hcaptcha validation error issue

Version: 2.17.13 (minor update) released on 8/7/23

  • Remove RMH integration

Version: 2.17.12 (minor update) released on 8/7/23

  • Refactor Recaptcha & hCaptcha UI

Version: 2.17.11 (minor update) released on 8/7/23

  • Fix setting route is not found on form page

Version: 2.17.10 (minor update) released on 8/5/23

  • Update N1ED CKEditor plugin
  • Add improved error logging to Mailchimp syncing logic

Version: 2.17.09 (minor update) released on 8/4/23

  • Refactor brand shortcode

Version: 2.17.08 (minor update) released on 8/4/23

  • Fix the issue when filters doesn’t work with products shortcode
  • Optimize the filter query

Version: 2.17.07 (minor update) released on 8/4/23

  • Remove show products setting from product categories
  • Remove show products setting from brands

Version: 2.17.06 (minor update) released on 8/4/23

  • Fix the sort does not work with products shortcode and optimize the performance

Version: 2.17.05 (minor update) released on 8/4/23

  • Use bootstrap 5 style for pagination
  • Remove unnecessary code for product category page
  • Remove show products on category page setting in webadmin

Version: 2.17.04 (minor update) released on 8/4/23

  • Fix collection page for FastSimon

Version: 2.17.03 (minor update) released on 8/4/23

  • Fix product category shows draft products
  • Fix product category page loads products multiple times

Version: 2.17.02 (minor update) released on 8/4/23

  • Fix the column order of synced CSV file in FastSimon integration

Version: 2.17.01 (minor update) released on 8/4/23

  • Fix brand page filter style
  • Fix search bar style

Version: 2.17.00 (minor update) released on 8/4/23

  • Add hCaptcha integration
  • Add shipping address as Nexus address when fulfillment method is shipping
  • Add customer ID when calculating tax with TaxJar

Version: 2.16.47 (minor update) released on 8/1/23

  • Fix coupon form field style

Version: 2.16.46 (minor update) released on 8/1/23

  • Add the ability to opt out the rate limiter
  • Do not run rate limiter on form submissions that has payment fields
  • Fix error of shortcode used by and blog category content column

Version: 2.16.45 (minor update) released on 7/28/23

  • Combine content above + content below into content in product category
  • Auto add shortcode to show products in product category + brand

Version: 2.16.44 (minor update) released on 7/28/23

  • Check RMH is configured before running any API requests

Version: 2.16.43 (minor update) released on 7/27/23

  • Set max-height to mobile logo

Version: 2.16.42 (minor update) released on 7/27/23

  • Add delivery info to invoice

Version: 2.16.41 (minor update) released on 7/26/23

  • Set DoorDash Delivery Rate Deduction to 0 instead of 2.75.

Version: 2.16.40 (minor update) released on 7/26/23

  • Support FastSimon categories (collections)

Version: 2.16.39 (minor update) released on 7/25/23

  • Fix category url on FastSimon
  • Add category ids to FastSimon product sync

Version: 2.16.38 (minor update) released on 7/25/23

  • Fix support for the print page functionality
  • Add force sync option for syncing all Locally products

Version: 2.16.37 (minor update) released on 7/25/23

  • Fixed the issue when CKEditor removes form elements

Version: 2.16.36 (minor update) released on 7/24/23

  • Order published children categories by title.
  • Improve UI/UX for the category detail page

Version: 2.16.35 (minor update) released on 7/24/23

  • Fix bootstrap 5 style

Version: 2.16.34 (minor update) released on 7/24/23

  • Do not dispatch sending abandoned cart job when it’s off

Version: 2.16.33 (minor update) released on 7/24/23

  • Add FastSimon Category Sync
  • Add FastSimon last sync date

Version: 2.16.32 (minor update) released on 7/24/23

  • Add redirect to index if no search query specified on FastSimon search result page.

Version: 2.16.31 (minor update) released on 7/23/23

  • Prevent duplicated charges on form submissions
  • Send form submission confirmation email in queue

Version: 2.16.30 (minor update) released on 7/19/23

  • Reset page number when filter has changed

Version: 2.16.29 (minor update) released on 7/19/23

  • add/update dashboard notification for when a site is being hidden from search engines

Version: 2.16.28 (minor update) released on 7/19/23

  • Add a setting to allow to disable address validation of ShipEngine

Version: 2.16.27 (minor update) released on 7/19/23

  • Upgrade TaxJar SDK to v2
  • Optimize Locally sync by using job batch

Version: 2.16.26 (minor update) released on 7/19/23

  • Fix issue when creating coupon with “disable customer group” option

Version: 2.16.25 (minor update) released on 7/18/23

  • Add force sync for Locally products
  • Priority re-sync Locally products jobs
  • Fix an issue not syncing all Locally products

Version: 2.16.24 (minor update) released on 7/17/23

  • Add the ability to re-sync selected Locally products

Version: 2.16.23 (minor update) released on 7/15/23

  • Improve the Locally sync process

Version: 2.16.22 (minor update) released on 7/14/23

  • Fix mobile sub menu doesn’t work on product page

Version: 2.16.21 (minor update) released on 7/13/23

  • Fix the error when fulfillment_methods is set to empty when not passing it via API

Version: 2.16.20 (minor update) released on 7/12/23

  • update help/documentation text on bulk importing eCommerce categories

Version: 2.16.19 (minor update) released on 7/12/23

  • Allow data-* attributes on text elements

Version: 2.16.18 (minor update) released on 7/11/23

  • Add apple-app-site-association as a default redirect

Version: 2.16.17 (minor update) released on 7/11/23

  • Fix repeatable block page generates a wrong URL for Page URL type

Version: 2.16.16 (minor update) released on 7/11/23

  • Made Missing Weight and Dimensions dashboard notification works with ShipEngine

Version: 2.16.15 (minor update) released on 7/10/23

  • Delete tel links from 404 report

Version: 2.16.14 (minor update) released on 7/8/23

  • Sanitize product search

Version: 2.16.13 (minor update) released on 7/8/23

  • Show alert message at the top when a page is in draft

Version: 2.16.12 (minor update) released on 7/8/23

  • Fix Content column missing for pageable config for Section

Version: 2.16.11 (minor update) released on 7/7/23

  • Do not report Client Shipping Error
  • Add a friendly message alert for Client Shipping Errors (Address not found)

Version: 2.16.10 (minor update) released on 7/6/23

  • Fix type of alternative buy option form id

Version: 2.16.09 (minor update) released on 7/6/23

  • Sync out of stock + no pricing products to Fast Simon

Version: 2.16.08 (minor update) released on 7/6/23

  • Set a default form for alternative buy option when using global setting

Version: 2.16.07 (minor update) released on 7/5/23

  • Fix an issue when optimizing non-exists image

Version: 2.16.06 (minor update) released on 7/3/23

  • Increase the characters for meta description of products, product_categories, posts, locations, job_openings, product_categories, event_categories, brands, blog_categories, pages

Version: 2.16.05 (minor update) released on 6/30/23

  • Fix brand syncing on FastSimon
  • Run FastSimon sync daily instead of sending multiple requests when a product is created/updated/deleted
  • Send Slack notification if the daily FastSimon sync is failed
  • Add the ability to upload image from URL to a specific directory
  • Upload Locally product images to `locally-products`
  • Upload Wondersign product images to `wondersign-products`
  • Add the ability to re-sync images from Wondersign

Version: 2.16.04 (minor update) released on 6/30/23

  • Do not backup when running cms upgrade

Version: 2.16.03 (minor update) released on 6/30/23

  • Fix the issue Content column missing for pageable config

Version: 2.16.02 (minor update) released on 6/30/23

  • Fix the issue of being unable to scan broken links on Popup Resource.

Version: 2.16.01 (minor update) released on 6/30/23

  • Only set published_time meta if date is available

Version: 2.16.00 (minor update) released on 6/29/23

  • Add alternative buy option for variants

Version: 2.15.17 (minor update) released on 6/28/23

  • Stop passing dimensions to ShipEngine temporary

Version: 2.15.16 (minor update) released on 6/28/23

  • Update all dependencies to the latest version

Version: 2.15.15 (minor update) released on 6/27/23

  • Make On-demand price feature works with multiple use cases

Version: 2.15.14 (minor update) released on 6/27/23

  • Fix some bugs of ShipEngine
  • Prevent posts are loaded twice in blog index page
  • Add Show On Blog Index filter to the blog index page

Version: 2.15.13 (minor update) released on 6/26/23

  • Improve Shipping Rate & ShipEngine

Version: 2.15.12 (minor update) released on 6/26/23

  • Add an option to toggle dimension pricing

Version: 2.15.11 (minor update) released on 6/25/23

  • Use Scout database driver for Post

Version: 2.15.10 (minor update) released on 6/23/23

  • Remove the package code from the shipping rate data.

Version: 2.15.09 (minor update) released on 6/23/23

  • Remove Admin Email Status sort

Version: 2.15.08 (minor update) released on 6/22/23

  • Add support for scanning Popups, Sections, & Widgets for shortcode usage

Version: 2.15.07 (minor update) released on 6/22/23

  • Fix dimension price panel doesn’t show correctly
  • Only show on-demand additional price when it’s not empty
  • Remove package codes from ShipEngine settings
  • Make ShipEngine works with On-demand price.

Version: 2.15.06 (minor update) released on 6/22/23

  • Refactor deleting outdated 404 report items to upgrade script

Version: 2.15.05 (minor update) released on 6/22/23

  • Add tables to show where shortcodes are being used
  • Fixed issue where the restore feature wasn't working

Version: 2.15.04 (minor update) released on 6/22/23

  • Add dimensions for ShipEngine
  • Remove Slack logging
  • Add a friendly message when no available shipping methods

Version: 2.15.03 (minor update) released on 6/21/23

  • Add rate limiter for checkout submit to prevent duplicated orders

Version: 2.15.02 (minor update) released on 6/20/23

  • Fix restore functionality

Version: 2.15.01 (minor update) released on 6/20/23

  • Ignore telephone & mail links when logging 404

Version: 2.15.00 (minor update) released on 6/20/23

  • Add a functionality to scan 404 Report Items for outdated records

Version: 2.14.12 (minor update) released on 6/19/23

  • Fix cannot close setting modal when clicking X button.

Version: 2.14.11 (minor update) released on 6/19/23

  • Fix the Broken Links Setting cannot open

Version: 2.14.10 (minor update) released on 6/19/23

  • Update the backup name to the good format.
  • Move on-demand backup to s3.

Version: 2.14.09 (minor update) released on 6/19/23

  • Fix the “flash of un-compiled templates” issue on Contact form

Version: 2.14.08 (minor update) released on 6/19/23

  • Replace the deprecated method from Google Maps integration

Version: 2.14.07 (minor update) released on 6/16/23

  • Include some modifications and fix for the Missing GTIN page.

Version: 2.14.06 (minor update) released on 6/16/23

  • Add the ability to set product name format for Locally integration

Version: 2.14.05 (minor update) released on 6/16/23

  • Add Locally Map Categories menu item in the left sidebar

Version: 2.14.04 (minor update) released on 6/16/23

  • Made index as default option for redirect dropdown

Version: 2.14.03 (minor update) released on 6/16/23

  • Resolve Locally sync issues caused by recent endpoint modifications

Version: 2.14.02 (minor update) released on 6/15/23

  • Fix the issue cannot get Split ID because Locally updated new endpoint

Version: 2.14.01 (minor update) released on 6/13/23

  • Hide locations text for careers when there are no locations
  • Remove expired integrations scripts

Version: 2.14.00 (minor update) released on 6/13/23

  • Add redirect option when deleting a resource

Version: 2.13.24 (minor update) released on 6/13/23

  • Move weights & dimensions under bulk edits route group
  • Only show Product Poor Content Character Count if site is Ecommerce

Version: 2.13.23 (minor update) released on 6/13/23

  • Add info icon to form field edit page

Version: 2.13.22 (minor update) released on 6/13/23

  • Removed remaining Twilio integration

Version: 2.13.21 (minor update) released on 6/13/23

  • Google Map integration is required for local delivery option in fulfillment method

Version: 2.13.20 (minor update) released on 6/13/23

  • Remove BBB Accredited Business, Acuity Scheduling, Barcode Lookup, My Live Chat, Testimonial Tree integrations

Version: 2.13.19 (minor update) released on 6/12/23

  • Fix wrong format phone number when requesting a new DoorDash delivery order

Version: 2.13.18 (minor update) released on 6/10/23

  • Remove extra symbol

Version: 2.13.17 (minor update) released on 6/10/23

  • Update message on shopping cart when in-store pickup is not available

Version: 2.13.16 (minor update) released on 6/10/23

  • Update Fast Simon search scripts

Version: 2.13.15 (minor update) released on 6/10/23

  • Fix issue where tags wouldn't be included when syncing individual records to Mailchimp

Version: 2.13.14 (minor update) released on 6/9/23

  • Update text on fulfillment method to be more transparent to the user when a fulfillment type is not available at checkout

Version: 2.13.13 (minor update) released on 6/8/23

  • Fixed shipping rate attributes not exist

Version: 2.13.13 (minor update) released on 6/8/23

  • Fixed shipping rate attributes not exist

Version: 2.13.12 (minor update) released on 6/7/23

  • Update dependencies

Version: 2.13.11 (minor update) released on 6/7/23

  • Use absolute URL for sitemap in robots.txt

Version: 2.13.10 (minor update) released on 6/6/23

  • fix frontend widget code with N1ED

Version: 2.13.09 (minor update) released on 6/6/23

  • Do not re-submit the sync products to Fast Simon

Version: 2.13.08 (minor update) released on 6/5/23

  • Reverted the Page Search Result page

Version: 2.13.07 (minor update) released on 6/5/23

  • Only prepare on-demand price fields when a variant is selected

Version: 2.13.06 (minor update) released on 6/4/23

  • mix.version() should not run if it’s in hot mode

Version: 2.13.05 (minor update) released on 6/3/23

  • Fixed DoorDash phone number is invalid

Version: 2.13.04 (minor update) released on 6/2/23

  • Fixed the file name conflict

Version: 2.13.03 (minor update) released on 6/2/23

  • Sort snippets alphabetically
  • Removed manage-snippets permission
  • Added "Embed Code" text to snippet button on toolbar

Version: 2.13.02 (minor update) released on 5/30/23

  • Fixed an issue on data type of ShipEngine carrier services

Version: 2.13.01 (minor update) released on 5/30/23

  • Added the category shortcode view

Version: 2.13.00 (minor update) released on 5/28/23

  • A lot of text updates throughout webadmin and notes

Version: 2.12.12 (minor update) released on 5/28/23

  • Do not run any scheduled tasks when a site is not setup yet

Version: 2.12.11 (minor update) released on 5/27/23

  • Improved Mailchimp syncing support

Version: 2.12.10 (minor update) released on 5/27/23

  • Fix support for editing Blade code with the Monaco editor

Version: 2.12.09 (minor update) released on 5/26/23

  • Increased timeout for sitemap syncing

Version: 2.12.08 (minor update) released on 5/25/23

  • Use media disk for Fast Simon, Facebook, Instagram sync files

Version: 2.12.07 (minor update) released on 5/25/23

  • Removed gtag from footer contact view
  • Fill slug & browser title when importing Locally product
  • Only send oder info to mailchimp of the integration is enabled
  • Fixed the issue when service is not matched on ShipEngine

Version: 2.12.06 (minor update) released on 5/23/23

  • Added ShipEngine integration thumbnail
  • Only update google shopping inventory when the API credential is configured

Version: 2.12.05 (minor update) released on 5/23/23

  • Set auto-height for email logo

Version: 2.12.04 (minor update) released on 5/23/23

  • Add pagination data as response for product listing API endpoint

Version: 2.12.03 (minor update) released on 5/22/23

  • Fixed issue where sections couldn't be updated

Version: 2.12.02 (minor update) released on 5/22/23

  • Fix Fast Simon search result page is reset after refreshing the page

Version: 2.12.01 (minor update) released on 5/22/23

  • Display link for each existing sitemap files

Version: 2.12.00 (minor update) released on 5/22/23

  • Added ShipEngine integration
  • Fixed ShipStation validation doesn’t work

Version: 2.11.08 (minor update) released on 5/20/23

  • Add DoorDash instruction

Version: 2.11.07 (minor update) released on 5/20/23

  • Updated Fast Simon search query param
  • Removed token when searching with Fast Simon

Version: 2.11.06 (minor update) released on 5/20/23

  • Added Fast Simon search result page shortcode
  • Added Fast Simon instant search bar component
  • Added the ability to customize Fast Simon search result page

Version: 2.11.05 (minor update) released on 5/19/23

  • Allow code elements in ckeditor

Version: 2.11.04 (minor update) released on 5/18/23

  • Resize email logo

Version: 2.11.03 (minor update) released on 5/18/23

  • Only pull EasyShip categories when the integration is enabled

Version: 2.11.02 (minor update) released on 5/17/23

  • Fixed the fix tree doesn’t work with URL system by adding Custom Node Builder

Version: 2.11.01 (minor update) released on 5/17/23

  • Scheduling queued jobs with Laravel 9 syntax

Version: 2.11.00 (minor update) released on 5/17/23

  • Added Code Snippet feature
  • Using Monaco editor for CSS in webadmin

Version: 2.10.06 (minor update) released on 5/16/23

  • Only include Fast Simon script when the integration is enabled

Version: 2.10.05 (minor update) released on 5/16/23

  • Added a check so career form will show initially when failed
  • Add Fast Simon thumbnail

Version: 2.10.04 (minor update) released on 5/16/23

  • Improved WordPress Importer to skip broken images

Version: 2.10.03 (minor update) released on 5/16/23

  • Sanitized input for search bar

Version: 2.10.02 (minor update) released on 5/15/23

  • Added Fast Simon integration

Version: 2.10.01 (minor update) released on 5/14/23

  • Add access key textarea AI for CKEditor

Version: 2.10.00 (minor update) released on 5/12/23

  • Remove tmp file when uploading image from URL

Version: 2.1.00 (minor update) released on 5/12/23

  • Only delete imported product when Wondersign product is a single product (no variants)

Version: 2.04.009 (minor update) released on 5/11/23

  • Force delete Wondersign product when it doesn’t exists on syncing

Version: 2.04.008 (minor update) released on 5/11/23

  • Added Wondersign category mapping to the left sidebar
  • Added a dashboard notification when a Wondersign category is not mapped

Version: 2.04.007 (minor update) released on 5/11/23

  • Improved the Wondersign Product import
  • Auto-switched availability to Hide when price field is empty when updating/creating a product variant
  • Hide the variant price when it is not available on the product detail page

Version: 2.04.006 (minor update) released on 5/10/23

  • Fixed Google Maps JavaScript API has been loaded directly without a callback.

Version: 2.04.005 (minor update) released on 5/10/23

  • Fixed an On-demand additional price bug

Version: 2.04.004 (minor update) released on 5/10/23

  • Import Wondersign product variant synchronously

Version: 2.04.003 (minor update) released on 5/10/23

  • Update availability of product when Wondersign product has been changed

Version: 2.04.002 (minor update) released on 5/10/23

  • Add additional fee for on-demand price

Version: 2.04.001 (minor update) released on 5/9/23

  • Optimized Wondersign Products page by reducing memory usage and queries
  • Add the ability to force sync selected Wondersign products
  • Fixed issue when not importing all Wondersign variants
  • Fixed issue not updating price

Version: 2.04.000 (minor update) released on 5/8/23

  • Only show published sub-categories in a product category

Version: 2.03.127 (minor update) released on 5/8/23

  • Remove HTML & HTML Entities from page excerpt

Version: 2.03.126 (minor update) released on 5/8/23

  • Added validation rules for on demand prices
  • Improved UI/UX for on demand prices on checkout process
  • Fixed issue when on demand price value is not saved

Version: 2.03.125 (minor update) released on 5/8/23

  • Add publish settings for Product Categories

Version: 2.03.124 (minor update) released on 5/6/23

  • Remove horizontal line in checkout billing page when no checkout fees

Version: 2.03.123 (minor update) released on 5/5/23

  • Updated checkout page to list all delivery methods in advance.
  • Made the error message of Local Delivery more friendly.
  • Improved UI/UX on Fulfillment methods page

Version: 2.03.122 (minor update) released on 5/4/23

  • Remove Pickup Options component

Version: 2.03.121 (minor update) released on 5/4/23

  • Add the attached form back to Event

Version: 2.03.120 (minor update) released on 5/3/23

  • Show/hide the fulfillment method menu item based on their settings.
  • Added the ability to send Slack notification when backup was failed.
  • Force reset all Pickup Options for existing sites: Curbside Pickup and In-Store Pickup.
  • Updated `checkout/shipping-address` to `checkout/address`.
  • Force publish Horizon assets.
  • Reverted `env.example` to avoid duplicating variable keys.

Version: 2.03.119 (minor update) released on 5/3/23

  • Refactor the Fulfillment Methods page
  • Added settings for enable/disable individual fulfillment method
  • Added Local Delivery Method
  • Only show missing shipping zone, methods when Shipping enabled in Fulfillment Methods page
  • Moved Pickup orders from Advances to Configurations submenu.
  • Removed Pickup Options table
  • Updated “Shipping Address” page title to “Address”
  • Added ability to enable/disable delivery method via code-based configuration.
  • Only show enabled delivery method on Request New Delivery Order modal.
  • Added ability to cancel Delivery Order from multiple providers.

Version: 2.03.118 (minor update) released on 5/2/23

  • Only show Delivery fulfillment method when has at least one method enabled from webadmin
  • Show friendly error message when no delivery rates found
  • Fixed issue when country is missing on delivery address when shipping country is not configured

Version: 2.03.117 (minor update) released on 4/30/23

  • Set default value for uses_custom_options field

Version: 2.03.116 (minor update) released on 4/30/23

  • Improve UI/UX for checkout fee

Version: 2.03.115 (minor update) released on 4/30/23

  • Add checkout fee

Version: 2.03.114 (minor update) released on 4/28/23

  • Allow <i> elements in the N1ED editor

Version: 2.03.113 (minor update) released on 4/28/23

  • Prevent infinite loop when loading Google Maps Places
  • Renamed Address to Street in Address from field

Version: 2.03.112 (minor update) released on 4/28/23

  • Blacklist Apple touch icon from 404 report

Version: 2.03.111 (minor update) released on 4/28/23

  • Fixed Google Map Places not loading

Version: 2.03.110 (minor update) released on 4/27/23

  • Removed [[attached-form]] shortcode

Version: 2.03.109 (minor update) released on 4/27/23

  • Added /forms API endpoint to list all forms on the site

Version: 2.03.108 (minor update) released on 4/27/23

  • Added /verify route to the API for verifying credentials

Version: 2.03.107 (minor update) released on 4/26/23

  • Fixed test class failure to load error messages

Version: 2.03.106 (minor update) released on 4/26/23

  • Moved eCommerce layout settings to their own section

Version: 2.03.105 (minor update) released on 4/26/23

  • Avoid loading all forms on all requests when global scripts are present

Version: 2.03.104 (minor update) released on 4/26/23

  • Added the shortcode [[\sitemap-index\]] and remove the hardcoded sitemap content

Version: 2.03.103 (minor update) released on 4/26/23

  • Removed free tier from Google Map integration

Version: 2.03.102 (minor update) released on 4/26/23

  • Fixed checkbox is not checked when form field has default value
  • Only show Orders on Form Rate Limiting when site type is Ecommerce
  • Moved “Show Product Attributes” to “Attributes” tab

Version: 2.03.101 (minor update) released on 4/26/23

  • Added Image Lightbox for product option select input
  • Removed placeholder from product option select input
  • Moved the SEO setting menu item to bottom of the sidebar
  • Compiled new assets
  • Disable Use Existing Option Set input when no options exist

Version: 2.03.100 (minor update) released on 4/26/23

  • Moved social media fields to their own respective integration settings
  • Fixed styles on variants drop down in webadmin

Version: 2.03.099 (minor update) released on 4/26/23

  • Hide option set when empty in option import section
  • Hide placeholder on option types when input type is not text and textarea

Version: 2.03.098 (minor update) released on 4/26/23

  • Option Sets UI/UX enhancements
  • Fixed toggle between Add Option and Import Options is broke

Version: 2.03.097 (minor update) released on 4/26/23

  • Added a settings page for scanner variable settings.

Version: 2.03.096 (minor update) released on 4/26/23

  • Allow type attribute on anchor elements
  • Allow classes on source elements
  • Allow style attribute on img elements
  • Allow align element on table elements
  • Reduce TTL of Mailchimp Tag ID to Name matching to 5 minutes from 1 week.
  • Only send form submissions to mailchimp when there is an active Mailchimp integration
  • Add new preserveHref CKEditor plugin to force all "a" elements to have an href present to preserve their link styling (as Bootstrap resets it for any anchor elements without an href attribute)
  • Set email logo image's containing table element to a max width of 300px and a max height of 200px to help with Outlook compatibility

Version: 2.03.096 (minor update) released on 4/26/23

  • Allow type attribute on anchor elements
  • Allow classes on source elements
  • Allow style attribute on img elements
  • Allow align element on table elements
  • Reduce TTL of Mailchimp Tag ID to Name matching to 5 minutes from 1 week.
  • Only send form submissions to mailchimp when there is an active Mailchimp integration
  • Add new preserveHref CKEditor plugin to force all "a" elements to have an href present to preserve their link styling (as Bootstrap resets it for any anchor elements without an href attribute)
  • Set email logo image's containing table element to a max width of 300px and a max height of 200px to help with Outlook compatibility

Version: 2.03.095 (minor update) released on 4/26/23

  • Remove old bootstrapCarousel plugin entirely

Version: 2.03.094 (minor update) released on 4/25/23

  • Fixed an issue when updating an integration without data

Version: 2.03.093 (minor update) released on 4/25/23

  • Prevent accessing null value on duplicate titles page

Version: 2.03.092 (minor update) released on 4/24/23

  • Fix the issue when the unique URL doesn’t exclude the updating product

Version: 2.03.091 (minor update) released on 4/24/23

  • Only show selected options in order detail page and invoice

Version: 2.03.090 (minor update) released on 4/24/23

  • Hide blog category settings when there are no blog categories

Version: 2.03.089 (minor update) released on 4/24/23

  • Removed “enable 404 report” toggle field

Version: 2.03.088 (minor update) released on 4/24/23

  • Encoded broken link URL

Version: 2.03.087 (minor update) released on 4/23/23

  • Add note for on-demand price

Version: 2.03.086 (minor update) released on 4/21/23

  • Fixed “Your serialized closure might have been modified or it’s unsafe to be unserialized” when compiling dynamic CSS completely.
  • Fixed issue cannot find broken link batch after App Key is updated

Version: 2.03.085 (minor update) released on 4/21/23

  • Removed default age restriction class global setting
  • Removed the bootstrap 5 notice notification
  • Removed the unused age restriction notification view
  • Sorted the coupon filter alphabetically

Version: 2.03.084 (minor update) released on 4/21/23

  • Improve 404 Purging works with case-insensitive and query string

Version: 2.03.083 (minor update) released on 4/20/23

  • Improve product import to allow to create product with nested categories and upload image

Version: 2.03.082 (minor update) released on 4/20/23

  • Improve error message for missing Mailchimp API keys

Version: 2.03.081 (minor update) released on 4/19/23

  • Remove custom bootstrap carousel and improve CKEditor filtering policy

Version: 2.03.080 (minor update) released on 4/19/23

  • Fixed duplicated brand product listing
  • Removed show product setting on Brands
  • Removed product missing shipping price notification
  • Improved the product missing price query to exclude hidden products
  • Improved the low inventory query to exclude hidden products

Version: 2.03.079 (minor update) released on 4/19/23

  • Fix support for section tags in N1ED

Version: 2.03.078 (minor update) released on 4/18/23

  • Add CMS type to CMS info endpoint

Version: 2.03.077 (minor update) released on 4/17/23

  • Update the filemanager backend and the configuration of N1ED to fix the issue with removing formatting from Google Docs content

Version: 2.03.076 (minor update) released on 4/16/23

  • Add coupon filter to orders page

Version: 2.03.075 (minor update) released on 4/16/23

  • Show alert when no variant is selected

Version: 2.03.074 (minor update) released on 4/14/23

  • Add browser title for brand when syncing Locally vendor

Version: 2.03.073 (minor update) released on 4/14/23

  • Update existing products data when syncing Wondersign products
  • Auto-import Wondersign products

Version: 2.03.072 (minor update) released on 4/13/23

  • Updated product layout

Version: 2.03.071 (minor update) released on 4/13/23

  • Add a setting to allow user enable/disable the On-demand price feature
  • Labeling the on-demand price input

Version: 2.03.070 (minor update) released on 4/13/23

  • Add on-demand price for product variants

Version: 2.03.069 (minor update) released on 4/12/23

  • Added the pagination for blog page
  • Removed Dynamic Img URLs

Version: 2.03.068 (minor update) released on 4/12/23

  • Set default width, height for product option info image
  • Updated help text style for product option inputs

Version: 2.03.067 (minor update) released on 4/12/23

  • Fixed product option icon is not shown up

Version: 2.03.066 (minor update) released on 4/12/23

  • Added input mask for phone numbers in order edit page

Version: 2.03.065 (minor update) released on 4/12/23

  • Add the ability to bulk edit product GTIN

Version: 2.03.064 (minor update) released on 4/6/23

  • Fix issue with AJAX GET requests

Version: 2.03.063 (minor update) released on 4/5/23

  • Set default option text of Age Restriction class as “No Default”

Version: 2.03.062 (minor update) released on 4/5/23

  • Update age restriction module

Version: 2.03.061 (minor update) released on 4/5/23

  • Switch DoorDash to use ecommerce store setting for pickup location

Version: 2.03.060 (minor update) released on 4/4/23

  • HTML decode the product attribute value when importing Locally products

Version: 2.03.059 (minor update) released on 4/3/23

  • Fix sortable warning issue

Version: 2.03.058 (minor update) released on 4/3/23

  • Only generating sitemap for paying clients

Version: 2.03.057 (minor update) released on 4/3/23

  • Remove debug code
  • Fix scheduled task for generating sitemap
  • Add sitemap to robots.txt

Version: 2.03.056 (minor update) released on 4/3/23

  • Add the ability to customize Fulfillment Method
  • Move Fulfillment Method settings to a separated page

Version: 2.03.055 (minor update) released on 4/2/23

  • Using default fulfillment methods when importing Locally & RMH products

Version: 2.03.054 (minor update) released on 4/2/23

  • Update default password on new CMS installs

Version: 2.03.053 (minor update) released on 4/2/23

  • Auto-publish Livewire assets

Version: 2.03.052 (minor update) released on 4/1/23

  • Add upgrade script to purge existing Pay With Amazon integration from database

Version: 2.03.051 (minor update) released on 4/1/23

  • Add the ability to customize the DoorDash Delivery method name

Version: 2.03.050 (minor update) released on 3/30/23

  • Fix Event excerpt issue
  • Improve the bootstrap 5 upgrade script

Version: 2.03.049 (minor update) released on 3/30/23

  • Purify excerpt of pageable and enhance the regex pattern to cover more edge cases

Version: 2.03.048 (minor update) released on 3/29/23

  • Switched to N1ED Editor sitewide

Version: 2.03.047 (minor update) released on 3/28/23

  • Remove Formstack shortcode

Version: 2.03.046 (minor update) released on 3/28/23

  • Add product brand resolver for Google Shopping Feed

Version: 2.03.045 (minor update) released on 3/27/23

  • Add media dir into CMS API info

Version: 2.03.044 (minor update) released on 3/27/23

  • Hide the “Select an Option” option when the product option is required
  • Add loading animation for Add to Cart button when a variant or option is selecting

Version: 2.03.043 (minor update) released on 3/27/23

  • Auto-set a default option value when product has no price

Version: 2.03.042 (minor update) released on 3/26/23

  • Modified no missing age restriction notice content

Version: 2.03.041 (minor update) released on 3/24/23

  • Fix blogs shortcode is removed when upgrading

Version: 2.03.040 (minor update) released on 3/21/23

  • Install Laravel Scout
  • Add full-text search for Blog Posts

Version: 2.03.039 (minor update) released on 3/21/23

  • List location names in alphabetical order A-Z
  • Removed the help text in create/edit gallery page

Version: 2.03.038 (minor update) released on 3/21/23

  • Only allow hyphens, underscores, numbers, and letters to be saved in the SKU field

Version: 2.03.037 (minor update) released on 3/21/23

  • Added a message for pages with past end publish date

Version: 2.03.036 (minor update) released on 3/21/23

  • Disable lazy loading in local environment
  • Fix & optimize the missing price query in Missing
  • Product Pricing report page

Version: 2.03.035 (minor update) released on 3/18/23

  • Add the ability to use dimension prices for the product.

Version: 2.03.034 (minor update) released on 3/16/23

  • Limit the post query by using the value of settings “Blog Index Posts Per Page” field
  • Wrap blog shortcodes in <p> tag

Version: 2.03.033 (minor update) released on 3/16/23

  • Removed default name in Webadmin Setup

Version: 2.03.032 (minor update) released on 3/16/23

  • Add ability to show/hide product attribute on detail page (weight & size)

Version: 2.03.031 (minor update) released on 3/15/23

  • Fix the issue when it doesn’t pull the code because of name conflict between MailChimp and Mailchimp

Version: 2.03.030 (minor update) released on 3/15/23

  • Updated all dismissible messages to be orange instead of red

Version: 2.03.029 (minor update) released on 3/15/23

  • Added a note on Taxes page about some states with no sales tax
  • Added brand dropdown as a filter for product sold report page

Version: 2.03.028 (minor update) released on 3/15/23

  • Removed recaptcha rejections

Version: 2.03.026 (minor update) released on 3/14/23

  • Add blogs shortcode to blog page on new CMS install

Version: 2.03.025 (minor update) released on 3/14/23

  • Remove conflicts style that make the address field doesn’t show placeholder

Version: 2.03.024 (minor update) released on 3/14/23

  • Fix $abandonedCartQueuedEmailId must not be accessed before initialization

Version: 2.03.023 (minor update) released on 3/11/23

  • Add support for segments (tags) in Mailchimp integration

Version: 2.03.022 (minor update) released on 3/2/23

  • Force radio product option must be required

Version: 2.03.021 (minor update) released on 3/2/23

  • Set product option to default value when cannot find supported data

Version: 2.03.020 (minor update) released on 2/28/23

  • Fix form-group issue on Bootstrap 5 upgrade script

Version: 2.03.019 (minor update) released on 2/28/23

  • Install required dependencies
  • Force to use moneyphp v3
  • Make failed method compatible with Laravel 9

Version: 2.03.018 (minor update) released on 2/24/23

  • Fix not updating order email hash
  • Refactor to use native Enum class for order email status
  • Remove extra code that saves twice 2 order emails
  • Deprecate status column in order emails table, so we can drop it in the next updates

Version: 2.03.017 (minor update) released on 2/24/23

  • Fix access on a null value on order detail page

Version: 2.03.016 (minor update) released on 2/23/23

  • Fix some Bootstrap 5 styles issues

Version: 2.03.015 (minor update) released on 2/22/23

  • Prevent the lowest price calculation shows 0 when all variants have quantity is 0

Version: 2.03.014 (minor update) released on 2/22/23

  • Fix RMH sale price is not synced on existing products

Version: 2.03.013 (minor update) released on 2/21/23

  • Fix system doesn’t generate preview URL when updating product type on edit page

Version: 2.03.012 (minor update) released on 2/21/23

  • Improve UX for GTIN type input

Version: 2.03.011 (minor update) released on 2/21/23

  • Fix There is no active transaction issue on broken link scanner

Version: 2.03.010 (minor update) released on 2/15/23

  • Fix the issue when repeatable block cannot be rendered on Laravel 9

Version: 2.03.009 (minor update) released on 2/14/23

  • Bring mail tracker back and make it works with Laravel 9
  • Add email manager dashboard
  • Clean up sent emails after 60 days

Version: 2.03.008 (minor update) released on 2/14/23

  • Fix Broken link crawler not working when upgrading to PHP 8.1

Version: 2.03.007 (minor update) released on 2/12/23

  • Remove events of mail tracker

Version: 2.03.006 (minor update) released on 2/11/23

  • Temporary disable sent email table in order detail page

Version: 2.03.005 (minor update) released on 2/11/23

  • Install Symfony Mailer

Version: 2.03.004 (minor update) released on 2/11/23

  • Fix BreadcrumbsServiceProvider has been loaded twice in some cases

Version: 2.03.003 (minor update) released on 2/9/23

  • Fix the issue when dynamic template cannot be rendered on Laravel 9

Version: 2.03.002 (minor update) released on 2/9/23

  • Add missing GTIN dashboard notification

Version: 2.03.001 (minor update) released on 2/9/23

  • Remove unmaintained breadcrumbs package, upgrade to the latest one

Version: 2.03.000 (minor update) released on 2/9/23

  • Upgrade to Laravel 9

Version: 2.02.032 (minor update) released on 2/8/23

  • Update frontend to use Bootstrap icons

Version: 2.02.031 (minor update) released on 2/7/23

  • Track IP address on Order

Version: 2.02.030 (minor update) released on 2/4/23

  • Add poor content scan (content less than 100 characters) to HTML Suggestions

Version: 2.02.029 (minor update) released on 2/4/23

  • Remove recapatcha notification from dashboard

Version: 2.02.028 (minor update) released on 2/3/23

  • Fixes shipping price UI issue

Version: 2.02.027 (minor update) released on 2/3/23

  • Remove PayPal and Hearland integration from database

Version: 2.02.026 (minor update) released on 2/1/23

  • Only sync sort price and sync Wondersign product when site type is Ecommerce

Version: 2.02.025 (minor update) released on 1/31/23

  • Accepted rule should only show as an option for the Form Type “Terms & Conditions”

Version: 2.02.024 (minor update) released on 1/29/23

  • Add a default priceValidUntil value for product schema

Version: 2.02.023 (minor update) released on 1/28/23

  • Removed the label for track inventory checkboxes

Version: 2.02.022 (minor update) released on 1/28/23

  • Add ability to search products by variant SKU

Version: 2.02.021 (minor update) released on 1/26/23

  • Fix cannot uncheck delivery fulfillment method in ecommerce setting page

Version: 2.02.020 (minor update) released on 1/26/23

  • Remove “can ship to” checking from delivery fulfillment method

Version: 2.02.019 (minor update) released on 1/24/23

  • Fixes an issue with saving orders

Version: 2.02.018 (minor update) released on 1/23/23

  • Add a confirmation box when deleting product options

Version: 2.02.017 (minor update) released on 1/23/23

  • Purge 404 report item when a URL is created

Version: 2.02.016 (minor update) released on 1/21/23

  • Fix Ship Station API not loaded

Version: 2.02.015 (minor update) released on 1/21/23

  • Temporarily disable shipping price on tax calculation

Version: 2.02.014 (minor update) released on 1/20/23

  • Improve some bootstrap 5 styles

Version: 2.02.013 (minor update) released on 1/18/23

  • Add product + category importer

Version: 2.02.012 (minor update) released on 1/14/23

  • Remove unused Ship Station API integration

Version: 2.02.011 (minor update) released on 1/14/23

  • Fix SKU null issue on product detail page

Version: 2.02.010 (minor update) released on 1/4/23

  • Remove duplicated title tags

Version: 2.02.009 (minor update) released on 1/3/23

  • Add ability to run a callback after initializing the Google Map integration

Version: 2.02.008 (minor update) released on 12/30/22

  • Fix form layout to work with bootstrap 5

Version: 2.02.007 (minor update) released on 12/30/22

  • Remove completely Pay With Amazon integration

Version: 2.02.006 (minor update) released on 12/30/22

  • Exclude invalid products for Facebook Instagram feed.
  • Improve the query to display missing price dashboard notification.

Version: 2.02.005 (minor update) released on 12/29/22

  • Set ecommerce_mark_items_sold_after_checkout is false by default

Version: 2.02.004 (minor update) released on 12/29/22

  • Remove Square integration
  • Remove Heartland integration
  • Remove Amazon integration
  • Remove Paypal
  • Remove Twilio
  • Remove in-house mail tracker
  • Remove Instagram image scraper
  • Remove Quickbooks
  • Remove unused packages

Version: 2.02.003 (minor update) released on 12/29/22

  • Fix the upgrade script for search on blog index

Version: 2.02.002 (minor update) released on 12/29/22

  • Add style validation rule for all resources

Version: 2.02.001 (minor update) released on 12/27/22

  • Fix some Bootstrap 5 style issues

Version: 2.02.000 (minor update) released on 12/27/22

  • Remove font awesome and install bootstrap icon for frontend

Version: 2.01.029 (minor update) released on 12/27/22

  • Make product category field of Age Restriction Class is optiona

Version: 2.01.028 (minor update) released on 12/22/22

  • Fixes the file upload button on iOS Safari

Version: 2.01.027 (minor update) released on 12/22/22

  • Add ability to populate the form field’s default value from the query string

Version: 2.01.026 (minor update) released on 12/22/22

  • Fix wrong redirection when using delivery as fulfillment method
  • Add DoorDash delivery fee deduction

Version: 2.01.025 (minor update) released on 12/22/22

  • Remove birthday club feature
  • Add Marchex integration image
  • Improve bootstrap 5 upgrade script

Version: 2.01.024 (minor update) released on 12/21/22

  • Add Marchex integration

Version: 2.01.023 (minor update) released on 12/21/22

  • Add help text for Age Restriction Categories

Version: 2.01.022 (minor update) released on 12/21/22

  • Added disable state when uploading file in form
  • Remove “Show Child Pages”

Version: 2.01.021 (minor update) released on 12/21/22

  • Prevent sending multiple request to find FedEx rate
  • Fix sending incorrect log when a FedEx service not found

Version: 2.01.020 (minor update) released on 12/20/22

  • Fix FedEx shipping rates not found

Version: 2.01.019 (minor update) released on 12/20/22

  • Fix help text of throttle model feature
  • Add ability to retry the FedEx request

Version: 2.01.018 (minor update) released on 12/19/22

  • Added support for rate limiting the creation of models (Order, Form Submission, Testimonial)

Version: 2.01.017 (minor update) released on 12/19/22

  • Update edit links for Events & Event Categories
  • Fix Product & ProductVariant availability glitch when the quantity is 0

Version: 2.01.016 (minor update) released on 12/19/22

  • Fix invoice line height and business name is listed twice.

Version: 2.01.015 (minor update) released on 12/16/22

  • Ignore product in draft mode when logging 404

Version: 2.01.014 (minor update) released on 12/16/22

  • Add dashboard notification for Age Restriction

Version: 2.01.013 (minor update) released on 12/15/22

  • Make Quantity Sold clickable
  • Remove unused `route_parameter` from CMS config.

Version: 2.01.012 (minor update) released on 12/9/22

  • Report checkout submit failed error

Version: 2.01.011 (minor update) released on 12/8/22

  • Make sure to the _functions.scss exists

Version: 2.01.010 (minor update) released on 12/8/22

  • Remove the newsletter from new CMS installs.
  • Prevent creating duplicated admin on CMS installs.

Version: 2.01.009 (minor update) released on 12/8/22

  • Update column title for HTMl Suggestions
  • Only show shipping dashboard notifications when Shipping is checked in the Fulfillment Methods

Version: 2.01.008 (minor update) released on 12/8/22

  • Add error message for Style editor

Version: 2.01.007 (minor update) released on 12/7/22

  • Prevent run bootstrap 5 upgrade more than one
  • Fix the bootstrap 5 variable for dynamic compiler

Version: 2.01.006 (minor update) released on 12/6/22

  • Import Bootstrap 5 mixins for dynamic css compiler

Version: 2.01.005 (minor update) released on 12/6/22

  • Fix dynamic CSS compiler doesn’t work with Bootstrap 5.2

Version: 2.01.004 (minor update) released on 12/6/22

  • Improve Bootstrap 5 upgrade script

Version: 2.01.003 (minor update) released on 12/5/22

  • Add ability to request new delivery from webadmin
  • Add ability to cancel delivery order from webadmin
  • Add DoorDash webhook to update delivery order status.

Version: 2.01.002 (minor update) released on 12/4/22

  • Only create delivery order when fulfillment method is delivery

Version: 2.01.001 (minor update) released on 12/2/22

  • DoorDash: Return item back to pickup when undeliverable

Version: 2.01.000 (minor update) released on 12/2/22

  • Add DoorDash integration
  • Refactor shipping method in checkout

Version: 2.00.031 (minor update) released on 12/2/22

  • Remove options label on customer order email when there are no options to display
  • Fix sale price glitch in product page webadmin

Version: 2.00.030 (minor update) released on 12/2/22

  • Add login text on register page
  • Fix align of browser title table
  • Move options section on product page to the main page (not using modal anymore)

Version: 2.00.029 (minor update) released on 12/2/22

  • Make the URL a link to SEO report opens to the frontend page in a new tab
  • Update the content of queue dashboard notification

Version: 2.00.028 (minor update) released on 12/2/22

  • Add some Bootstrap 5 form and nav fixes

Version: 2.00.027 (minor update) released on 11/30/22

  • Add default fulfillment methods when importing RMH items

Version: 2.00.026 (minor update) released on 11/28/22

  • Fix bootstrap 5 form style

Version: 2.00.025 (minor update) released on 11/26/22

  • Fix issue when checking matched urls
  • Improve bootstrap 5 style on auth pages.

Version: 2.00.024 (minor update) released on 11/23/22

  • Improve the bootstrap 5 ugprade script

Version: 2.00.023 (minor update) released on 11/21/22

  • Move upgrade bootstrap version script to console command

Version: 2.00.022 (minor update) released on 11/21/22

  • Prevent duplicated admin users when setting up a site.

Version: 2.00.021 (minor update) released on 11/17/22

  • Fix shipping address form has not been submitted

Version: 2.00.020 (minor update) released on 11/16/22

  • Fix bootstrap 5 navigation styles

Version: 2.00.019 (minor update) released on 11/16/22

  • Fix option validation is wrong
  • Update bootstrap 5 form styles

Version: 2.00.018 (minor update) released on 11/15/22

  • Add Facebook / Instagram Feed

Version: 2.00.017 (minor update) released on 11/15/22

  • Add add-ons on setup page
  • Allow user to setup their admin account
  • Send webhook request to account dashboard when site setup is completed

Version: 2.00.016 (minor update) released on 11/12/22

  • Add dashboard notification for age restrictions

Version: 2.00.015 (minor update) released on 11/12/22

  • Fix event shortcode doesn’t use category as parameter
  • Fix timezone formatting of event dates

Version: 2.00.014 (minor update) released on 11/12/22

  • Hide quantity when track inventory is not checked

Version: 2.00.013 (minor update) released on 11/12/22

  • Link the Title text to the edit page

Version: 2.00.012 (minor update) released on 11/12/22

  • Set bootstrap 5 as default

Version: 2.00.011 (minor update) released on 11/10/22

  • Fix product slider for bootstrap 5
  • Add selected value as default value for option set

Version: 2.00.010 (minor update) released on 11/10/22

  • Fix mobile menu cannot be toggled in bootstrap 5

Version: 2.00.009 (minor update) released on 11/7/22

  • Update core views to bootstrap 5

Version: 2.00.008 (minor update) released on 11/7/22

  • hide Wondersign products that has empty categories

Version: 2.00.007 (minor update) released on 11/6/22

  • Added a max-height css prop to variants table

Version: 2.00.006 (minor update) released on 11/6/22

  • Update admin last login date when remember me token is used

Version: 2.00.005 (minor update) released on 11/6/22

  • Remove [[phone]] shortcode from core

Version: 2.00.004 (minor update) released on 11/6/22

  • Fix different hour format in form submission

Version: 2.00.003 (minor update) released on 11/6/22

  • Do not allow yahoo email for From Email field

Version: 2.00.002 (minor update) released on 11/6/22

  • Hide sale price fields if sale is disabled for variants

Version: 2.00.001 (minor update) released on 11/2/22

  • Fix menu doesn’t work on product page with small screen

Version: 2.00.000 (minor update) released on 10/28/22

  • bump version to the latest major version

Version: 1.10.001 (minor update) released on 10/28/22

  • Added bootstrap 5 notice dashboard notification

Version: 1.10.000 (minor update) released on 10/28/22

  • Add bootstrap 5
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