Version: 2.01.011 (minor update) released on 12/8/22

  • Make sure to the _functions.scss exists

Version: 2.01.010 (minor update) released on 12/8/22

  • Remove the newsletter from new CMS installs.
  • Prevent creating duplicated admin on CMS installs.

Version: 2.01.009 (minor update) released on 12/8/22

  • Update column title for HTMl Suggestions
  • Only show shipping dashboard notifications when Shipping is checked in the Fulfillment Methods

Version: 2.01.008 (minor update) released on 12/8/22

  • Add error message for Style editor

Version: 2.01.007 (minor update) released on 12/7/22

  • Prevent run bootstrap 5 upgrade more than one
  • Fix the bootstrap 5 variable for dynamic compiler

Version: 2.01.006 (minor update) released on 12/6/22

  • Import Bootstrap 5 mixins for dynamic css compiler

Version: 2.01.005 (minor update) released on 12/6/22

  • Fix dynamic CSS compiler doesn’t work with Bootstrap 5.2

Version: 2.01.004 (minor update) released on 12/6/22

  • Improve Bootstrap 5 upgrade script

Version: 2.01.003 (minor update) released on 12/5/22

  • Add ability to request new delivery from webadmin
  • Add ability to cancel delivery order from webadmin
  • Add DoorDash webhook to update delivery order status.

Version: 2.01.002 (minor update) released on 12/4/22

  • Only create delivery order when fulfillment method is delivery

Version: 2.01.001 (minor update) released on 12/2/22

  • DoorDash: Return item back to pickup when undeliverable

Version: 2.01.000 (minor update) released on 12/2/22

  • Add DoorDash integration
  • Refactor shipping method in checkout

Version: 2.00.031 (minor update) released on 12/2/22

  • Remove options label on customer order email when there are no options to display
  • Fix sale price glitch in product page webadmin

Version: 2.00.030 (minor update) released on 12/2/22

  • Add login text on register page
  • Fix align of browser title table
  • Move options section on product page to the main page (not using modal anymore)

Version: 2.00.029 (minor update) released on 12/2/22

  • Make the URL a link to SEO report opens to the frontend page in a new tab
  • Update the content of queue dashboard notification

Version: 2.00.028 (minor update) released on 12/2/22

  • Add some Bootstrap 5 form and nav fixes

Version: 2.00.027 (minor update) released on 11/30/22

  • Add default fulfillment methods when importing RMH items

Version: 2.00.026 (minor update) released on 11/28/22

  • Fix bootstrap 5 form style

Version: 2.00.025 (minor update) released on 11/26/22

  • Fix issue when checking matched urls
  • Improve bootstrap 5 style on auth pages.

Version: 2.00.024 (minor update) released on 11/23/22

  • Improve the bootstrap 5 ugprade script

Version: 2.00.023 (minor update) released on 11/21/22

  • Move upgrade bootstrap version script to console command

Version: 2.00.022 (minor update) released on 11/21/22

  • Prevent duplicated admin users when setting up a site.

Version: 2.00.021 (minor update) released on 11/17/22

  • Fix shipping address form has not been submitted

Version: 2.00.020 (minor update) released on 11/16/22

  • Fix bootstrap 5 navigation styles

Version: 2.00.019 (minor update) released on 11/16/22

  • Fix option validation is wrong
  • Update bootstrap 5 form styles

Version: 2.00.018 (minor update) released on 11/15/22

  • Add Facebook / Instagram Feed

Version: 2.00.017 (minor update) released on 11/15/22

  • Add add-ons on setup page
  • Allow user to setup their admin account
  • Send webhook request to account dashboard when site setup is completed

Version: 2.00.016 (minor update) released on 11/12/22

  • Add dashboard notification for age restrictions

Version: 2.00.015 (minor update) released on 11/12/22

  • Fix event shortcode doesn’t use category as parameter
  • Fix timezone formatting of event dates

Version: 2.00.014 (minor update) released on 11/12/22

  • Hide quantity when track inventory is not checked

Version: 2.00.013 (minor update) released on 11/12/22

  • Link the Title text to the edit page

Version: 2.00.012 (minor update) released on 11/12/22

  • Set bootstrap 5 as default

Version: 2.00.011 (minor update) released on 11/10/22

  • Fix product slider for bootstrap 5
  • Add selected value as default value for option set

Version: 2.00.010 (minor update) released on 11/10/22

  • Fix mobile menu cannot be toggled in bootstrap 5

Version: 2.00.009 (minor update) released on 11/7/22

  • Update core views to bootstrap 5

Version: 2.00.008 (minor update) released on 11/7/22

  • hide Wondersign products that has empty categories

Version: 2.00.007 (minor update) released on 11/6/22

  • Added a max-height css prop to variants table

Version: 2.00.006 (minor update) released on 11/6/22

  • Update admin last login date when remember me token is used

Version: 2.00.005 (minor update) released on 11/6/22

  • Remove shortcode from core

Version: 2.00.004 (minor update) released on 11/6/22

  • Fix different hour format in form submission

Version: 2.00.003 (minor update) released on 11/6/22

  • Do not allow yahoo email for From Email field

Version: 2.00.002 (minor update) released on 11/6/22

  • Hide sale price fields if sale is disabled for variants

Version: 2.00.001 (minor update) released on 11/2/22

  • Fix menu doesn’t work on product page with small screen

Version: 2.00.000 (minor update) released on 10/28/22

  • bump version to the latest major version

Version: 1.10.001 (minor update) released on 10/28/22

  • Added bootstrap 5 notice dashboard notification

Version: 1.10.000 (minor update) released on 10/28/22

  • Add bootstrap 5
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