Anyone who owns or manages a commercial website has no shortage of things to be mindful of these days.  This includes everything from proper coding and design elements, to algorithm viability, content accuracy, search engine optimization, navigation protocol and countless other factors.  Over the past decade, one of the foremost goals of the World Wide Web Consortium has been to ensure the ongoing compliance of WCAG, or Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, with a more recent push to ensure that ecommerce websites are in line with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

If these concepts are new to you, it’s worth a read and we’ve included a link to an excellent article on ADA website compliance here.  Whether you’re looking to stay ahead of the curve on technology, want to avoid a potential ADA-related lawsuit in the future, or are just concerned about making sure that your site is accessible to all visitors regardless of disability, CMS Max is proud to announce that all of our custom built websites now offer complimentary ADA compliance technology at no cost.

ADA Compliant Website CMS

What Makes a Website ADA-compliant?

Making sure that your business, commercial or e-commerce website is compliant with ADA guidelines involves the integration of technology that provides an easy and rewarding experience for users who live with disabilities. In accordance with current WCAG standards, these can be broken down into four categories.  Here is a brief breakdown of what each entails and the technology used to make the web experience more viable to disabled users.

Perceivable:  Can a website be found and processed by those users who require sight-, hearing- or other assisted technology, in order to find and navigate the site in a streamlined manner?

Operational:  This refers to how easily a website can be navigated by those who require 100% keyboard operation as opposed to the traditional mouse, touch-screen or other common methods of navigation.

Understandable:  Is the information provided on your website easy to understand among all users, especially in cases of complex content, error pages, cookie acceptance, ad placement and other elements?

Robust:  Does your website include coding and integrated technology which will allow it to evolve over time to meet the needs of those with disabilities, including integration with new and leading edge screen-reading software, as well as the option for upgrades as new tech evolves?

Standard ADA Compliant Websites from CMS Max

At CMS Max we understand the unique needs so many users have today, and we do everything in our power to design and develop custom websites that are as user-friendly as possible to all.  And that’s why we’re excited to announce that we now include full ADA-compliance technology on every website we build.  Regardless of the specific reasons for wanting to make sure that your company’s website is ADA compliant, we make sure that not a single widget, button or line of code has been overlooked.

Get in touch today to learn more about ADA compliance for websites and the measures we take to ensure that yours is easily-integrated for even the most recently-introduced technology.  You can reach the CMS Max New York office by e-mailing us through our secure contact page.