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There's more to developing an e-commerce website than simply adding a PayPal button.  It takes the experience and expertise of a skilled webmaster to ensure that all key elements are in place, properly-coded and functioning flawlessly.  We've built several of e-commerce websites for some of today's most successful online retailers in all types of industries.

Designing Your E-Commerce Website

All websites are built using Google-friendly guidelines with markup and preferred technology best practices, to ensure optimal performance and visibility for your eCommerce website.


Some features that come standard with CMS Max eCommerce system are...

  • Related Products
  • Feature Products
  • Product Ratings
  • Inventory Management
  • Printable PDF Invoices
  • Coupons
  • Taxable Products
  • Google Analytics eCommerce Tracking
  • Website caching
  • Google Shopping Feeds
  • Heartland Credit Card Processing

Some eCommerce Website Examples are...

Code & Content Updates

Google is constantly updating the algorithms used to identify and present websites in their search results, including Panda, Penguin and their most recent, Hummingbird.  By constantly updating your website's code, in addition to its content, keywords and search terms to reflect these algorithm updates, your website's potential for improved page position and visibility can be greatly increased.

Sales & Inventory Management

The ability to track sales and manage inventory is paramount when it comes to selling your products online.  Our innovative inventory management and order tracking systems make it easy to view sales in real time, while keeping a keen eye on your available on-hand products. Ability to customize each product and variant (size, color etc) to be quantity specific.

Online Payment Options

Regardless of whether you're looking to accept credit cards online, develop a completely innovative online shopping cart, or integrate your existing PayPal seller's account, we can design and implement a simple, yet reliable and easy-to-manage method of accepting online payments from your customers.

Whether it’s a secondary revenue steam or the bread and butter of your company’s existence, never underestimate the immeasurable importance of a properly built e-commerce website. It’s not merely about the checkout process.  Search engines are looking for exquisitely specific coding structure when determining page rank.  Overlooking even one crucial SEO element can mean the difference between Page 1 and Page 10.

At CMS Max, we’re adamant when it comes to building custom e-commerce sites that not only streamline the online shopping and payment process, but moreover the kind of websites Google loves to showcase.

Heartland Trusted eCommerce Developer

Online Payment Acceptance Meets SEO Optimization Excellence

In addition to designing e-comm websites that dazzle the eyes, CMS Max utilizes the most up-to-date Google algorithm guidelines to ensure that all product pages, key categories, meta data and checkout pages have been thoroughly and efficiently optimized.

Integrate a Full Spectrum of Online Payment Services

With our highly-innovative payment processing technology, there’s virtually no limit as to which payment processors you can offer on your website.  This includes everything from PayPal and Amazon Checkout, to Chase QuickPay, eCheck, debit, and all major credit cards.

Full Admin Functionality for Razor Sharp Logistics Management

We learned early on just how much it absolutely sucks trying to manage inventory and orders in one program, while having to update web stats in another.  Forget that.  Our CMS was developed to integrate everything… orders, inventory, tracking, category updates and more!

The World’s ONLY Google Shopping & Product Compliant CMS

Yes, this is a big claim...  and you would not believe what we had to go through in order to earn such bragging rights, but this is just one of the many aspects that make CMS Max unique.  When we build your e-comm site, we know exactly what to do to ensure that it gets found. 

Take Your E-Commerce Sales to Bold, New Heights

No offense, but if you don’t take your business seriously or you’re just throwing darts in the dark, we’re not the website design company to call.  CMS Max builds top-tier e-commerce websites with the latest Google guideline compliance for companies, large or small, who mean business. 

Learn More About E-commerce Website Development

If you're ready to begin selling your products online or accepting website payments, we make it faster, easier and more affordable than you might imagine.  Call CMS Max to get started, or drop us a line through our website's contact page.

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