If you’re a retail store of any kind looking to take your sales online, CMS Max is the fastest and most affordable way to increase revenue and visibility on a Google Search. Easily sync your product data, inventory, fulfillment types, rebates, print shipping labels, custom website design with far superior SEO capabilities.

We have an integration to many Point of Sale systems across the world. We simplify multichannel sales for brick-and-mortar retailers selling online.

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Octopus Channel Manager is an easy to use, cloud-based middleware that enables multiple software to sync together, optimizing inventory, streamlining operations, reducing man power and labor cost.

Presently, Octopus Channel integrates the following Point of Sale systems with the CMS Max marketplace:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Click Shopping Carts and select CMS Max

2. Find the item you want to delete by using the Search box on the upper right and once you find the item, click the DELETE button on the far right of that item.

We use a connector called Octopus and the Octopus icon should be in your system tray (typically in the bottom right corner of your Windows PC). The Octopus icon will ensure that the process is still running on the background. If you don't see the icon on the system tray, you can simply double-click the Octopus icon on the desktop to launch the application.
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