In an economy that’s become almost completely dominated by online sales, having a safe, reliable and streamlined method of accepting credit cards is fundamental to the success of any online retailer.  At CMS Max, we believe in providing our clients with eCommerce website solutions that help further their ability to grow, including the integration of online payment services. is the world’s largest and most trusted provider of online credit card authorizations, and virtually every payment processor integrates with them as a way to protect and expedite transactions.  Here are just a few of the reasons to make them part of your eCommerce website or business.

Secure Online Payment Processing

Offering your customers a safe and confident online shopping experience isn’t merely a professional courtesy, it’s a sound way to promote repeat business among shoppers searching for online retailers they can trust. is universally regarded as among the safest and most secure means of authorizing online payments, as they take great measures to protect their end users data and personal information.

Responsive Customer & Client Services

Whether you, a member of your staff, or one of your customers finds themselves in need of support, is legendary for their ability to quickly resolve any unforeseen payment or transaction issues.  This includes everything from managing your account, setting up international payment processing, resolving transaction disputes and many others.

Easily Integrated into Most eCommerce Websites

For those who appreciate simplicity and stress-free setup, is easy to integrate into just about every credit card payment platform or processor operating today.  We have a team of eCommerce experts on staff to assist for those new to the process.

Learn How CMS Max Simplifies Online Payment Processing

Whether you’re just staring out or a thriving established company, it’s vital to have an expert in your corner who genuinely understands how to streamline the process of authorizing payments online.  To learn more about the benefits of integrating with or any of our other online payment solutions, get in touch with CMS Max and we’ll be happy to help.

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