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Google Plus pages, by now, have become quite familiar to everyone... from SEO experts and web developers, to casual users and those who don't have pages of their own. And while it looked like things would remain relatively uncomplicated, some recent change to the Google Plus page layout, has got more than a few people talking. Let's ponder this one further.

Larger Google Plus Cover Images

In a move taken almost directly out of Facebook's playbook, Google Plus pages will now allow users the ability to customize their page with larger cover photos. Cover photos add both depth and dimension to even the most lackluster Google Business page, so this is one area in which many loyal Googlers will be able to get far more creative and visual. The biggest difference, according to Google, is that Google Business cover photos have a possible maximum size of 2120 x 1192, a significant increase over the limits Facebook imposes.

Updated Local Reviews Menu

If you're the type who regularly leaves reviews on Google, primarily Google that is, this is a feature you will likely enjoy. It simplified the process of managing reviews, viewing comments, and more. Considering the impact that online reviews have on page rank and SEO scores, it's safe to assume that this will be yet another feature that eventually becomes essential in getting your business found on Google.

Expanded "About" Tab

Anyone who thinks our friends at Google aren't keeping a watchful eye on Facebook, need only look at the new "About" section, found on new Google Plus pages. What was once a simple area for entering the most basic of the basic, has been expanded into multiple sections, allowing users to keep separate their photos, events, experience, and so on and so forth.

Time will tell if all these efforts and changes are worth it, or if the public is even interested in making the pages pop. Regardless, it will inevitably have an effect on page rank position, and the impression visitors get upon first arriving.

Google Business Photo Dimensions

  • Profile Photo 250x250
  • Cover Photo 2120x1192
  • Shared Image 800x600

Google Business Cover Design Example

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