The following steps are how to create a Facebook App to allow the facebook messenger chat to appear in the bottom right of your website.

Step 1: Create an app here.

Step 2: Create a Facebook page for your business if you haven't already

Step 3: Whitelist your website domain

  • Go to view your page
  • Click Advanced Messaging from the left menu
  • Under Whitelisted Domains type in your full website URL. Make sure it includes https and www (example
  • Click save

Step 4: Connect your page to your app

  • From the app dashboard, expand the Messenger menu item from the left menu and click on Settings
  • In the Access Tokens section, Click Add or Remove Pages
  • Login
  • Select the page you want to connect
  • Allow the permissions to “Manage and access Page conversations in Messenger”
  • Click Done

Step 5: Copy and paste the code below into the end of body and replace the App ID and Page_ID. You can find your App ID at the top of your app and you can find your page id on your facebook page, specifically on your about page.

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