Available Short Codes

  • [[product-data id="1" data="title"]]
  • [[product-data id="1" data="url"]]
  • [[product-data id="1" data="image"]]
  • [[product-data id="1" data="price"]]
    • [[product-data id="1" data="highest_price"]]
    • [[product-data id="1" data="lowest_price"]]

Example use case below

We have products added to the home page of a website manually, but we want the price to automatically update using the product price defined from the product page in CMS Max. This way if the product price ever changes or goes on sale, it will tell the short code to automatically update it on the website.

We are using this code [[product-data id="1" data="price"]]

Displaying Images

When displaying images, the short code will return the image url. Place the shortcode inside the src of an img tag.

<img src="[[product-data id="99" data="image"]]" />

Product Categories Short Codes:

[[products category="1" sort="price"]]

You can optionally use the "sort-dir" parameter to make it sort in reverse. Use "desc" for Z-A sorting.

So if you need to do highest price first you would do 

[[products category="1" sort="price" sort-dir="desc"]]

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