Configure Google Shopping Settings

1. Log into the webadmin

2. Head over to the eCommerce settings (eCommerce -> Advanced -> Settings). 

3. Scroll down to Google Shopping. Enter in the Store Code, Merchant ID and API credentials.


Find your store code

1. Log into Google My Business

2. Browse to your store location

3. Click Info from the left column

4. Scroll down to see the Store Code

If a store code is not configured, you will need to update it.


Find your Merchant ID

1. Log into Google Merchant Center

2. Find your ID in the header (you'll see it in two places)


Retrieve your API Credentials

1. Log into Google Merchant Center

2. Click on the wrench icon at the top to access settings and click Content API

3. Click on the Authentication tab

4. Click on the plus icon to create a new API key

5. Generating the key will take a few seconds. Once it's ready it'll download a file automatically.

6. Open the downloaded file in a text editor. Copy all the contents and paste it into the webadmin settings


Add a local inventory feed

1. Log into Google Merchant Center

2. From the left column select Products -> Feeds

3. Under Supplemental feeds click "Add Local Product Inventory Feed"

4. Enter in basic information

  • Mode: Standard
  • Country of sale: Select your country
  • Click Continue

5. Name and input method

  • Feed name: Inventory Feed
  • Select "Scheduled fetch" for input method
  • Click Continue

6. Setup

  • File name: Inventory Feed
  • Fetch frequency: Daily
  • Fetch time: Select a time
  • Time zone: Select the time zone for your store
  • File URL: (replace with your actual website domain)
  • Click Create Product Inventory Feed

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