There are 6 possible ways to show primary categories

[[category sort=“views”]] - Most Popular

[[category sort=“price_asc”]] - Lowest Price

[[category sort=“price_desc”]] - Highest Price

[[category sort=“name”]] - Name A-Z

[[category sort=“created_desc”]] - Newest

[[category sort=“created_asc”]] - Oldest

There are 6 possible ways to show subcategories

[[products category of="ID#" col="4" sort="views"]] - Most Popular

[[products category of="ID#" col="4" sort=“price_asc”]] - Lowest Price

[[products category of="ID#" col="4" sort=“price_desc”]] - Highest Price

[[products category of="ID#" col="4" sort=“name”]] - Name A-Z

[[products category of="ID#" col="4" sort=“created_desc”]] - Newest

[[products category of="ID#" col="4" sort=“created_asc”]] - Oldest

To show products on a page use the following short code

[[category of="ID#"]] - Where it says "ID#", you will use the ID of the ecommerce category. Additionally, you can add "col="4", which means how many columns per row, you can change that to any number. ex: [[category of="ID#" col="4"]]

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