In the screenshot below, we will talk about each of the following settings when creating a blog on CMS Max.


  • Published - this means that your blog page is indexable on a Google search and visible on your website.
  • Draft - this means that your blog is hidden from all users and search engines. This is for testing and creating a blog before pushing it live. Only admins logged in can view the page on the front end.

Date Created - this is the date the blog was created and used schema structured data to tell Google about the page which improves your SEO.

Publish Start - this is so you can pre-load a blog and have it automatically publish on your website on an exact date and time.

Publish End - this will automatically take a blog from publish status to draft status, meaning it will be hidden from Google and your website.


  • Public - this means that anyone can view the page when the status is marked published.
  • Password Protected - this gives you the ability to make the page password protected

Publish Settings on a blog page

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