* $500 is for sites with 20 or less pages!

As you know, technology changes at the speed of light. Our organization places the highest priority on keeping ahead of those changes. Our development team makes ongoing investments to upgrade your website’s performance on a constant basis.

All upgrades include Version 2 of CMS Max!

With that said, all upgrades are not considered equal and we are at a point where advances in technology mandate that a critical upgrade be done to your site. This is related to Bootstrap 5 (BS5) technology. Below are just a few of the many benefits:

  • Custom changes can be made better & easier in a fraction of the turnaround time
  • More features and options can be added to your website
  • A much better UI experience can be created
  • It streamlines coding in a way that is mandatory to keep your website state-of-the-art
  • (for example what once took 50 lines of code will now take 5)
  • Smaller source files allow for faster page load times
  • More mobile friendly styling and flexibility of mobile platform
  • Mandatory to maintain compatibility with all modern web browsers
  • Over 500 new code enhancements, bug fixes, features and more!
  • Increased SEO power with a new SEO Add-on for $3/mo
  • Free technology upgrades for life after this upgrade!

This website enhancement is so important that we have to urge you to allow us to make the change. It will be a sizeable investment of our resources, both in money and developer hours to make the conversion. We will subsidize a vast portion of the cost, but also need you to share this with a one-time investment.


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