The news so many Yext® subscribers have been looking forward to is now a reality, as the company recently announced the signing of a deal to supply Amazon Alexa with their ever-expansive directory of businesses. This ultimately means that for the first time ever, businesses who subscribe to Yext will have total control over the information that Alexa provides when asked a question relevant to their industry, response relevance, etc.

Yext adds Amazon Alexa to the Knowledge Network from Yext on Vimeo.

Yext CEO Howard Lerman on CNN Money from Yext on Vimeo.

Why the Yext-Amazon Relationship is So Relevant

Many businesses, when starting off, use whatever address and contact information they have access to at that point in time.  Ironically, this is also usually the same time when new start-ups are initially listing their services on countless business directories; a strong majority of which are already part of the Yext® Knowledge Network

As the company grows, vitals such as contact information, business address, website URL and business model can change drastically.  And as we all know, remembering logins and passwords used during a company’s earliest days is often an impossibility.  This new partnership allows Yext subscribers to verify that, when someone asks, every detail of every word from Alexa’s digital mouth is accurate in regards to their listing.

Not a Yext Subscriber?  CMS Max Can Help

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