Networking, expanding, and building are exactly what we hoped to achieve at the 4th Annual Retail Management Hero Partner Conference, and achieve that we did. Learning from the industry's top professionals on their retail management success stories, while also identifying where each partner has the ability to bring success from their market. CMS Max was able to bring insight and collaboration to build ecommerce platforms for current RMH partners and their clients. 

As a five-star rated web development company, CMS Max understands what a significant role having a properly built and maintained website means for RMH Partners and their clients. In the current retail climate, having an accessible, eye-catching website, can bring in thousands of dollars and build a stronger future together. At this year's conference we had the opportunity to identify some of those key factors:

  • Growing your business as a reseller, with thousands of competitors worldwide. It is apparent having a partner like CMS Max brings in added success when signing on new clients. A large majority of B2C customers do not have a functional website to expand their operations. Partnering with CMS Max not only brings in additional revenue, but it also brings additional growth opportunities for your clients’ business. 
  • Ecommerce implementation takes less than an hour with CMS Max websites. With hundreds of options to choose from, such as inventory management, ShipStation, Google Analytics, and more, there is a clear opportunity to take your clients’ brick-and-mortar success online! 
  • Industry development and implementation are key factors when identifying the success for all RMH Resellers. Unique and time-efficient products are only the beginning when it comes to successful partnership building. Recognizing and implementing ecommerce solutions brings another layer to connect current and future clients with customers outside of their brick-and-mortar radius. It is one of the keys to building your brand. 

Our time at the 4th Annual Retail Management Hero Partner Conference gave CMS Max the ability to identify needs amongst our RMH Reseller partners. We continue to build long-lasting partnerships and help other businesses grow. Learning from vertical and panel-specific experts on their experiences was the highlight of the conference, as well as being named Vendor of the Year! We look forward to continuing to build successful partnerships for years to come!

If you are looking to expand your business into the ecommerce space, CMS Max has a variety of solutions and an extensive list of experts to bring your business online! Contact us today!