Sometimes you need a little extra boost on your company’s Twitter feed to help increase your social engagement – and savvy business owners know that social engagement is key to driving sales and leads.

Twitter Cards can help your Tweets stand out from the crowd. However, without the right content management management system on your side, creating your unique Twitter Cards can be a challenge. That’s why we integrate Twitter Card technology directly into our platform: to benefit your social engagement and help your business grow.

What Are Twitter Cards?

Twitter Cards allow you to attach photos, videos, and other forms of media to your Tweets in order to drive traffic to your website. When you post a link to your Twitter account, the site automatically generates an image to go along with it. However, many of these images are boring stock photos that Twitter users see again and again.

With just a few simple lines of markup code, you can enhance your Twitter Cards significantly. You can display engaging content and drive users to visit your website, download your app, or convert to whatever call to action you want them to.

How Does CMS Max Facilitate Twitter Card Technology?

CMS Max can implement Twitter Cards for you to drive engagement and communicate with your followers using an effective strategy. Our built-in technology will create an effective Twitter Card and follow four simple steps to set your business up for success on the timeline:

  1. We’ll choose one of four card types to implement based on the media type: Summary Card, Summary Card with Large Image, App Card, or Player Card.
  2. We’ll add the correct meta tags to ensure proper display and content quality.
  3. We’ll run your URL through the validator tool to test for optimal presentation.
  4. Finally, we’ll post your Twitter Card to your account – and we’ll provide you with the analytics so you can see the results for yourself!

Are you ready to enhance your company’s Twitter presence? Contact CMS Max today to increase your company’s social engagement with Twitter Card technology!