Regardless of the scope or nature of your ecommerce business, it’s imperative to have online payment and credit card processing that’s safe, simple and affordable.  At CMS Max, we’ve researched a wide range of services and continue to trust May Payments above anything else in today’s marketplace. Aside from being one of the most respected high-volume online payment processors, they’re also at the forefront of digital payment security from both the merchant and customer perspective.

One of their most impressive technologies, TSYS, offers even greater protection and simplicity for those looking to buy, sell or accept credit cards online.  Here are just a few of the key benefits:

  • Streamlined plug-and-play installation that effortlessly integrates with many of todays’ most popular ecommerce platforms and merchant websites.
  • Opens new payment platforms for sellers while allowing customers to confidently pay for goods and services with all major credit cards and electronic payments.
  • Every purchase is protected with TSYS's industry leading technology, using PCI compliance, Data Security and Tokenization.
  • Payment information is thoroughly validated during checkout and halted if the system detects anything that’s incorrect or suspicious.
  • Once validated, payment details are converted to an encrypted token to protect the buyer, while keeping sensitive data off the merchant’s servers.
  • Payments are processed directly with TSYS, eliminating any third-party fees to keep each transaction more profitable.

The Most Secure, Simple and Affordable Online Payment Processing

If you sell goods or services online, you don’t need any reminders about the importance of keeping fees manageable while protecting your customers’ data and personal information.  As one of the country’s most trusted developers of e-commerce websites, CMS Max takes this very seriously and has the utmost confidence in TSYS.

To learn more about Secure Submit technology and TSYS full offering of credit card processing services, we invite you to get in touch with our team by writing to us through our contact page.