Google's Page Speed scanner can be found here. Basically, you can use this tool to scan your site or a competitors site to see how well you page speed rank is. Google will rank your website coding from 1 to 100, with 100 being perfect. I can tell you that I have personally never came across any perfect site, and I have tested 1000's of sites over the years. After years of development, testing and tweaking, I'm proud to announce the world's 1st perfectly built website technology powered by CMS Max. This highly-innovative new content management system addresses three key elements that are now being scanned by Google's page speed scanner:  mobile speeddesktop speed and user experience.

Like many business owners and smaller marketing departments, it's safe to assume that you've spent considerable time trying to improve your website's page rank on Google.  Some of the most noble efforts include writing new SEO-friendly content, adding consistent blog posts and other essential actions.  The problem, however, is that these efforts might be completely wasted if your website was built on outdated or ineffective technology.

Ready for the Next Generation CMS?

Remember, a website that is thoroughly and properly-optimized in the eyes of Google, is a website that has the best chances of improving its position over time.  If you've been making big moves to increase your SEO but not seeing the results you want, I would like the opportunity to show you how my new website technology can help.

Keep in mind the example below is showing a before and after from an existing website that I built. Google rated the existing website an impressive 93/100. Honestly, most websites are between 60 and 80!

Before & After Website Page Speed Score on Desktop

Before & After Website Page Speed Score on Mobile

Let's review each of these in slightly greater detail.

Mobile Page Speed

Perfect Mobile Website Speed Score

With so many people doing an increased percentage of web browsing (and billing, booking, and shopping, etc) on their mobile phones, it's no surprise that Google is looking for leading-edge development and SEO when it comes to an organization's mobile page load speed.  For example, a mobile image should "auto-resize" or "auto-adjust" to the width of your cell phone.  Those that have not been coded to be mobile-friendly won't adjust, leaving you instead with nothing more than an ugly scroll bar and an image that may not open properly.

This is just one example, of course.  The new CMS Max content management system is specifically designed to address the many variables associated with proper mobile page coding.  Ultimately, this can result in fast page loading, better Google Scan score and improved page rank over time.


Perfect Desktop Website Speed Score

There are dozens of factors that can determine how quickly your website opens on desktop browsers, including image optimization, CSS files, JavaScript settings and many more.  When even one or two of these have been overlooked or improperly coded initially, Google's new scan technology will catch these technical shortcomings and score your site accordingly.

Just as it does for mobile page speed, the new CMS Max content management system makes it easy to quickly identify areas in need of optimization and/or recoding, while helping you consistently work to improve your site's scan score and search engine rank.

User Experience

Perfect Website User Experience Score

If you've been following Google's webmaster forums with any consistency, you already know that they are really, really big on creating the ultimate user-friendly experience.  In following the search engine giant's example, my new CMS has been built in a manner that specifically evaluates how friendly (or frustrating) a website is in terms of overall user experience.  This includes everything from font sizes and image optimization, to menu development, headers, footers and everything in-between.

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