MailChimp website integration with CMS Max

CMS Max is excited to announce our new integration with Mailchimp. This additional integration provides a seamless connection with our platform and opens up new opportunities for customer engagement, brand awareness, and increasing sales.

With more than 11 million active users, Mailchimp offers an easy, affordable, and customizable approach to email marketing and beyond. This includes connecting with new potential clients, staying connected with your current audience, or re-engaging with previous contacts. By integrating with Mailchimp, we expand our bandwidth to help you in many new ways, including:

  • Growing your mailing list so you can reach more people
  • Importing and managing contacts so you can communicate with specific audiences
  • Creating professionally-designed email blasts and campaigns to share announcements and news with clients, customers, and community members
  • Reviewing detailed analytics to track audience engagement
  • Providing value to your clients with personalized communication and special offers
  • Following up with visitors who browse and shop on your website

If you’re looking for new ways to grow your company and increase your outreach and sales, contact us today. Send us an email through our contact page. CMS Max is based in Rochester, NY and we proudly serve clients throughout the country.