Of the many challenges facing today’s online retailers and ecommerce websites, is the need to consistently increase visibility among new customers who have the immediate resources to make a purchase.  And yes, there’s no shortage of finance companies out there ready to collect big APRs and fees by allowing customers to spread payments out.  But this can be costly, stressful and considerably time-consuming.  Bread has changed everything.

Bread is an innovative service that makes it super easy for new and returning customers to split up their payments or setup installment plans faster, more affordably, and without the complicated checkout process inherent of many other services.  CMS Max is a proud partner of Bread, offering expert payment integration for websites of all industries.  Here are a few of the most impressive benefits.

Increase Sales by Letting Customers Pay Over Time

Impulse purchases account for a generous percentage of most online retailer’s revenues.  The problem, so often, is that many shoppers simply don’t have the full amount at the time they come across what you’re offering.  Bread integrates directly into your website as a payment option, making it fast and far more convenient to spread payments over the short or long-term.

Expedited Online Checkout

With many of today’s online payment financers, the process of bouncing back and forth between websites is enough to make any customer want to bail.  Bread has been uniquely developed to simplify the process while streamlining online checkout.  Let customers pre-qualify on your website, enjoy lightning fast approvals and enhanced freedom when it comes to terms and payment durations. 

Flexible Split-Payment or Installment Options

With Bread Split-Pay, customers have the option of splitting their total invoice amount into four installments of up to $1,000 each, with the added benefit of zero interest and no impact on their credit rating.  Approval is fast and payments are made every two weeks for your customers’ convenience.  Additionally, extended installment plans are available for those larger purchases.

Enhanced Exposure to the Bread Customer Base

Bread has a rather impressive following, and many customers deliberately search for companies who offer it as a payment option.  This automatically puts you in a position of increased branding and immediate exposure to customers who are ready to buy, and looking right now for what you have to offer.  Setup is fast and the CMS Max team will make sure  that everything has been implemented to perfection.

CMS Max Makes Bread Payment Integration Easy and Efficient  

If you’re looking for an easy and affordable way to take your online sales and ecommerce revenues to completely new levels, get in touch with CMS Max to learn more about how Bread payment integration can change the way you service and attract new customers.

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