As many who work in the healthcare and medical fields are well aware, making sure that your website and all related forms are HIPPA compliant is something that needs to be taken very seriously.  There are many new regulations in place for those who deal with sensitive customer data and, in addition to upholding one’s compliancy status, it also provides a greater peace of mind to those you serve.

At CMS Max, our entire development and design team is well-versed on the most up-to-date HIPPA compliance regulations, and we impart this ongoing knowledge into HIPPA compliant websites for those serving the greater good.

How We Ensure HIPPA Compliance

Whether it’s a simple contact form, a patient pre-appointment questionnaire or other related online medical document, we unite the core information from your facility in combination with the most advanced SSL security and HIPPA-approved content to ensure that you’re in full compliance with all current regulations.  This includes:

  • HIPPA-compliant contact forms
  • Patient health history documents
  • Pre-treatment questionnaires
  • Follow-up documents and forms
  • Homepage and service listing content

Learn More About HIPPA-compliant Websites from CMS Max

Regardless of whether you’re a new practice or a well-established facility, we encourage you to discover why others in the medical and health insurance fields continue to trust CMS Max when it comes to online HIPPA compliancy.  Our team will be happy to go over everything with you, beginning with a review of your existing website or online patient portal and providing answers to any questions you may have.

Get in touch today by writing CMS Max through our secured contact page, and a member of our staff will get back to you right away!