We are a website service company that has recently completed work on the official launch of the Follow My Pets app. This fun social media app allows users to create profiles for their pets and share pet photos, videos, and updates with other users. Pet owners can connect with friends, family, coworkers, and others around the globe to comment and like posts, all while spreading the love of their pets. Thanks to the hard work of our mobile developer, Follow My Pets has completed its beta phase and completed its official launch onto Apple and Android devices.

We have developed both the Follow My Pets website and the hybrid mobile app from scratch, helping bring the Follow My Pets team’s ideas to life. Using the React Native mobile app system, CMX Max was able successfully build the app from the ground up and ensure successful integration with the desktop version of the platform.

We create apps of all sizes for their clients. The team can work with both native and mobile app development through several systems, including Swift, Objective-C, Java for Android, Ionic, Xamarin, and Native Script.

With so many people connected to mobile devices, an application can provide a great way to connect with your audience. This connection further allows you to grow your revenue stream. We are ready to help you make your new application idea or extension of your existing digital offerings a reality, just as they did for the Follow My Pets app.

We have an extensive range of development services that can help you enter the world of mobile application technology, all while providing knowledgeable service and a timely launch process.