There is no shortage of companies out there encouraging people to build their own website in just a few minutes, have a beautiful looking cheap website, do-it-yourself and save money, etc.  So it’s understandable why so many actually go that route.  They are cheap.  They are easy to create.  And sometimes they look decent.  And if you don’t care about things like security, responsive design, perfect optimization and search engine page rank, they’re always an option!

But that obviously is not what most people are going for today.  Template websites are designed to be everything we just described: cheap, easy and pleasing to the eyes.  That’s it.  They’re not coded for uniqueness, and this leaves them at a major disadvantage for anyone looking to end up on page one.  The code is universally the same from site to site—something many search engines interpret and penalize as duplicate code/content.

Additionally, sites like WordPress and others use open-source code, which the entire world essentially has access to.  This is why you’re constantly required to keep your widgets and plugins up to date.  Ignore it, and the site is left vulnerable to hackers looking to steal data, shut down sites and the worst-case scenario, web ransom.

How to Give a Cheap Website Better Security and Rank

We’ve been in the website developing business for quite some time now, and we’ve seen more than our fair share of beautiful, yet horribly generic template designs.  And we understand the attachment.  You likely built it yourself and are proud of what you’ve created.  So the question becomes: would you rather be proud of your mass-marketed DIY website, or would you rather be safer and more successful?

If you’re struggling with this all too common digital conundrum, CMS Max can help.  We’ve developed a script that makes it possible to export the content from your exiting cookie-cutter WordPress website, and import it into a properly coded, secure and SEO-friendly site that will look equally amazing, while actually having the potential to rank and perform better over time.  Our sites are developed using the most current Google webmaster guidelines, and you lose nothing in terms of visual appearance, links, media, forms, functionality or any of your other elements.