Making your website accessible to persons with disabilities is paramount in today’s society, though the process of ensuring streamlined ADA compliance can be challenging for many clients.  As one of the industry’s leading website developers, CMS Max is 100% committed to helping those we serve make their websites fully accessible to those with unique needs.  All of our custom websites are built with the latest UserWay ADA compliance tools, to make websites accessible to all while protecting the website owner from potential lawsuits and legal claims.

With CMS Max, there are no extra steps required for businesses and website owners looking to ensure the highest level of ADA compliance.  Everything is integrated during the development stages, and thoroughly tested to ensure flawless function.  If you’re concerned about keeping your website compliant with the most up-to-date ADA compliance standards, here are a few reasons to call CMS Max for new website designs and technology enhancements.

  • All new websites come pre-developed with UserWay ADA compliance technology
  • Our custom websites are built from scratch, with no generic templates of any kind
  • Each website is uniquely coded in accordance with Google’s latest SEO algorithms
  • We have a dedicated support staff and webmasters here to help along the way
  • ADA compliance can prevent lawsuits, legal claims and section 508 violations
  • Our CMS is consistently ranked as one of the most streamlined and easy to use
  • View our certification here

CMS Max Takes the Worry Out of Accessibility and ADA Compliance

Regardless of the size or nature of your website, when you work with CMS Max you’ll automatically have the assurance that it’s safe, compliant and ready to accommodate any and all visitors.  To learn more about the steps we take to promote increased ADA compliance for your website, or for additional information on our full offering of custom websites and digital marketing services, get in touch with the CMS Max team today.

We’re based in Rochester NY and can be reached via email by writing to us through our secured contact page.  We offer free phone and video consultations and will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.