CMS Max, NY-based digital marketing firm and developer of high-end custom websites, is excited to announce the roll-out of our newest industry-dedicated website service.  Chamber CMS is an innovative specialty service available to Chamber of Commerce owners and administrators throughout the United States.  This new service provides fully-customized, technologically-advanced websites along with integrated services that help streamline online administration.

Chamber of Commerce CMS

Each aspect of the Chamber CMS service has been developed to significantly improve the look, technology, efficiency, and user experience of outdated chamber of commerce websites.  Here are just a few of the key benefits.  We invite you to contact us to discover its full offering of capabilities.

  • State-of-the-art, fully-customized Chamber of Commerce websites
  • Each site built to spec, no SEO-draining templates or cookie-cutter designs
  • Easily manage members, collect dues and accept applications securely online
  • Multiple packages to suit the digital and budget needs of each organization
  • Members can manage their custom profile pages and website from one portal
  • Make real-time changes to your content, photos, events and featured members

Solutions to Help Your Chamber of Commerce Thrive

A large percentage of todays’ Chamber of Commerce websites are sorely outdated; not only in terms of their appearance, but moreover in the back-end functionality, meta data and admin needed to comply with the complex search engine algorithm code in use today.  As a result, prospective members can become frustrated searching for information, or end up exiting the site altogether. Chamber CMS websites are built to the highest SEO standards and uniquely tailored around the needs and requirements of each individual chamber.

To learn more about how we can help bring your Chamber’s website presence into the 21st century, or to schedule a demo at your location, get in touch with CMS Max today by visiting the Chamber CMS website for more detailed information.