In a relatively short period of time, Affirm Payment has stormed on to the scene as one of today’s most popular ways to pay for items over time.  And whether we’re talking about in-store purchases, online shopping or even services, no one likes to be hit with the costly fees and fine-print surprises inherent of credit cards and traditional financing.  This, as millions have already discovered, is what makes Affirm such a welcome option when it comes to paying for things that we might not be able to cover in one lump sum. At CMS Max, we’ve seen first-hand the demand that retailers, service providers and eCommerce websites have when it comes to accepting Affirm as a payment option, and are excited to announce that we’re now offering professional Affirm integration services to businesses and professionals of every size and industry. 

Whether you’re a thriving local retailer, a start-up or a well-established eCommerce seller, offering Affirm to your customers is a smart way to attract those who are specifically looking to utilize it as a method of spreading their payments over time without the surprise fees, penalties and fine print.  Here are just a few reasons to consider making it part of your success strategy.

  • Affirm is now incredibly desirable among consumers frustrated with late fees
  • There is a growing demand to do business with companies who offer Affirm
  • After close to 20 million transactions, Affirm has never charged a single late fee
  • Affirm payment can be easily integrated into most existing eCommerce platforms
  • Offering a more confident pay-as-you-go option encourages more impulse sales
  • The flexibility of choosing 3 month, 6 month or 12 month loan repayment terms

Expert Affirm Integration to Help Your Business Do More

As one of the industry’s most trusted and fastest growing eCommerce service companies, CMS Max makes it easy to start offering Affirm payment options to your customers.  We’ve worked with companies of every size over the past decade, and take meticulous measures to ensure that not a single detail ever goes overlooked.  To learn more about CMS Max or the benefits of adding Affirm to your payment platform, get in touch to speak with a member of our staff.