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Did an ad agency quote you something in the tens of thousands of dollars for a custom website, only before hitting you with enhancement and SEO option fees? Well, guess what… we can build you a website of indistinguishable or improved quality for a fraction of the rate.  How, you ask?  Well, for starters, we don’t incorporate the cost of high-priced trade journal ads into the invoice of every client.  We don’t have per diems.  To be quite honest, we’re kinda thrifty.

More importantly, our entire team is extraordinarily passionate about what we do; something that’s continually reflected in the integrity and uniqueness of our work for over a decade.


We Build Custom Websites That Are Actually Affordable

There’s a myth in our industry, and it goes something like this: The best websites cost a small fortune.  Not true.  They only cost a small fortune when you get suckered into paying a small fortune for them.  We’re an independent creative studio working hard to fix this ugliness.

Fully-customized Websites for Businesses of Every Statue

It makes no difference whether you’re a home-based business with corporate ambitions, or a well-established firm who’s had their fill of lackluster service from over-priced agencies. CMS Max has built high-level websites for companies of every size, industry and target audience.

All the Web Services You Need Under One Visionary Roof

From e-commerce websites and social media to pro writing and online payment processing, the days of bouncing from creative team to creative team are over.  CMS Max offers one of the most comprehensive arrays of website, SEO and digital marketing services in the country.

Flawless Websites Built Around Current Google Guidelines

Any jackass in their parent’s basement can talk a good game and build a decent looking website.  Few, however, can guarantee that it’s built just the way Googles’ algorithms like it. And that’s what makes us unique… properly coded, algorithm-friendly websites that excel.

What good is a snazzy website, if customers can't find it?

Your website design, whether it's for a business, a group, or a professional organization, needs to be more than just attractive "looking" if you ever expect to reach your maximum target audience. Even the most edgy or modern-looking websites will never see the likes of page one on Google, by relying exclusively on their site's visual appearance.

At Sam Pizzo Web Design in Rochester, we are continually amazed at how poorly some of the best-looking websites rank. It takes a thorough and hands-on understanding of search engine parameters, advanced & effective SEO practices, design versatility, professional content, and many other attributes, to ensure that your site is found, explored, and moved up in rank.

Website Design Examples

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Why your website MUST be mobile friendly! See below is an example of the trends of how people visit a website. Below is a clear indication that more and more people are using mobile over time.

What makes CMS Max Web Designs so Unique?

We recognize and appreciate how many choices you have, when it comes to hiring a professional website development company. It's difficult to decide who to trust... we get it. Our track record speaks for itself, though. Here are just a few of the reasons why you can confidently make us your partner in online success.

We Guarantee an Increase in Conversions

We are so confident in our technology & development tactics, we guarantee you'll see an increase in sales, once your site is fully indexed. How can we make such a bold claim? It's simple; our technology is unmatched, we're adamant about staying on the leading-edge of search engine rank preferences, and we genuinely care how you do. Try getting that from an unknown or semi-experienced web designer.

Truly Full-Service Website Developers

While some website development companies can build you a decent site, you'd be amazed at how many will leave you on your own, to figure out how to utilize it. Not here. We offer everything you need to have a dominant and positive web presence, including professional content writing, award-winning graphic design, video production, social media management, blogs, and much more.

Exceptional Technology & SEO Integration

Ensuring a consistently high-ranking website involves an intricate balance of current design essentials, professionally-written content, and correct SEO (search engine optimization). Our vast experience and to-the-minute technology updates, ensures a website that will be found more often, and by more prospective customers.

100% Original Website Design

If you've ever tried to "design your own website" using free website builders, like Joomla, Wordpress, Wix or others, you've likely been disappointed in where your site came up in the search results. This is a new age, and template websites simply don't have the raw individuality that major search engines now demand. We build original websites from scratch that load quickly, rank high & deliver the most impressive bounce rates, period.

Skilled Local Developers, Friendly Local Service

When you hire us you get the guaranteed peace-of-mind and assurance of working exclusively with a local NY office. No outsourced calls to third world countries, no frustrating translation challenges - just real professionals who live and work where you do, on-call and ready to help whenever and however you need us to.

Get a Free SEO & Website Evaluation

Whether you've got a great-looking website and can't account for the lackluster web traffic, have an admittedly-poor site in need of a makeover, or are just launching your business, we want to help. We'll conduct a 100% free & comprehensive website analysis, or help you decide on a course of action for your new website.

Before you commit to a company who merely talks a good game, we strongly suggest you also consult one with an unblemished history of proven results. CMS Max has the experience, integrity, and compassion needed for a truly winning website.

Building & Branding Websites that Get Results

The world's fastest and most SEO friendly website code.