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YouTube Videos in an SEO Environment

By now everyone knows what YouTube is. However what many still don't realize, is that videos play a substantial role in how your website gets found online. Posting business videos is not merely a tool to showcase products and services. Because while that certainly is one of the benefits, the real goal should be to drive viewers to your website. Streamlining the process of viewing a video to completing a sale, is something we at Sam Pizzo Web Design do best.

Increase Website Visitor Traffic with Custom YouTube Videos

Done properly and in accordance with Google's most up-to-date technology, a simple YouTube video is anything but simple. What it is, is a powerful opportunity to attract and entertain prospective customers, through strategically-embedded SEO and meta data.

YouTube Photo Dimensions

  • Profile Photo 800 x 800
  • Channel Art 2560 x 1440
  • Custom Video Thumbnail 1280 x 720

Below are some YouTube Cover Design Examples

YouTube Cover Example YouTube Cover Example

YouTube Cover Art Example YouTube Channel Art Example

YouTube Cover Design YouTube Cover Design Example

Extensive Video Development Experience

Since YouTube's inception we have been helping businesses in Rochester and throughout NY, in developing affordable, engaging videos for their websites, video channels and video blogs. Regardless of which industry you hail from, we can tailor a professional-looking video to promote your company.

Creatively-Diverse Vision & Design Skills

We know that every video we make, inevitably makes a statement about the clients we serve. It might be a 'project' to us, but to you, it's so much more. We listen. We learn about your business. We work efficaciously and creatively to create a video that sends an engaging and positive message, with a clear and subtle call-to-action.

Unbeatable Rates, Superior Results

At CMS Max in Rochester, it is our belief that properly & effectively promoting your business, doesn't need to automatically break your marketing budget. We offer fully-produced videos, developed and uploaded to your site or YouTube channel, all for just $199. You won't find a better rate or comparable quality in NY.

Ready to Get Your Business Found on YouTube?

The only thing standing between you and your company's new online video, is a phone call to CMS Max. Whether you're here in Rochester, or on the other side of the country, we will work with you patiently from conception to final-edit.

Building & Branding Websites that Get Results

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