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Use Twitter to Increase Revenue & Promote Your Business

Whether you're a semi-frequent tweeter, a loyal Twitter die hard or have never used it before, if you own or manage a business, being on Twitter is no longer a high-tech option. If you want to truly compete in today's ultra-viral market, your business definitely needs to have a presence on Twitter.

What do you do, though, when your free time or knowledge of social media marketing are at a minimum? CMS Max has been helping businesses and organizations of every industry in setting up their Twitter business pages & posts.

Twitter Business Page, Create Custom Design

Here are just a few reasons why you can't afford to wait even one more day to have your company's Twitter page developed by the experts at CMS Max.

Communicate with Existing Customers & Prospects

Engaging in conversations with your current and prospective customers isn't just good for business, it can give your website a nice boost in SEO. You'll be able to answer questions, engage in group chats and stay clearly-active in your customers' eyes.

Twitter Template Download Page

twitter template

Twitter Image Dimensions

  • Header 1500x500
  • Profile Photo 400x400
  • Image Display Size 880x440 (recommended)

Increase Sales by Offering Daily Specials & Discounts

Twitter allows you the opportunity to send a short and to-the-point daily discount, special offer or other promotional message with a single click. A perfect tool for retail and service businesses.

Get Insight into Your Customers' Trends & Needs

Tweeting and using Twitter is about more than just exchanging messages. You'll have a unique perspective into your customers' likes, hobbies, and other trend-based information, which can help you in presenting real solutions to those who need it.

If your sales have been sluggish despite superior products or prices, there's a great chance it has something to do with your lack of online social presence. But it's not enough to just whip any old Twitter page together.

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