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What is Vital Mobile?

Vital Mobile is an affordable point-of-sale solution that lets you run your business with your compatible smart phone or tablet. It gives you a full range of affordable products that are all driven by the powerful Vital platform – a cloud-based solution that gives you tools that can help you run your entire business.

Inventory Management
Get real-time data to better manage inventory expenses, maximize sales and help stay in stock.

Pricing and Discounts
Easily establish and manage price points and discounts.

Taxes and Tax Reporting
Set up, track and manage taxes for accounting procedures, and how they appear at the point of sale.

Customer Payments
Accept all major payment types to help improve cash flow and profitability.

What types of businesses use Vital Mobile?

Typically, business that don’t have a complex offering or inventory and want an affordable, mobile solution to accept cards, including chip credit card payments on a personal mobile device like a phone or tablet (Android™ or iOS).

What types of payments can I accept with Vital Mobile?

Accept all major credit and signature debit cards. Also, tracks and manages cash payments. Payment methods include chip, contactless and magstripe.

What are the main features of Vital Mobile?

Most impressive for a simple, affordable mobile point-of-sale solution, Vital Mobile supports a wide array of back-office features including inventory management and robust reporting through a responsive web dashboard and individual transaction reports. Other features include: 

  • Multiple tender payments
  • Retail (inline) tipping
  • Multiple tax rates by item
  • Full order refunds/voids
  • Cash acceptance
  • Accepts 3rd party wallets (PayPal™, Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay®, Google Play™)
  • Partial authorizations of debit and credit payments
  • Manual credit Address Verification Service support (CVV, Zip, and Zip + Street)

Is it possible to manage Vital Mobile remotely?

Yes. Vital is based on a cloud-based platform which provides a single administrative access point across all Vital point-of-sale products, requires less maintenance, and is easy to learn and use. You’ll get extraordinary functionality — including a level of business management support such as inventory management and reporting — previously only available through more complex solutions.

Can I use Vital Mobile with any of the other Vital Solutions?

Many businesses that opt for Vital Plus or Vital Select, may also purchase Vital Mobile to use as a back-up or for mobile tasks such as delivery or line-busting.

What are the differences between Vital Mobile card readers? 

Vital C3 Card Reader
Inexpensive Bluetooth®-enabled, mag-stripe and chip reader designed to accept payments on the go.

Vital C4 Card Reader
Easy-to-use Bluetooth enabled solution reads chip and mag-stripe cards, as well as, NFC/contactless payments including payments from most digital wallets.

What makes Vital different from other similar products?

With Vital, you benefit from an innovative, full-service payment processor with the infrastructure and experience to bring the most to your business. 

  • Advanced data security technology 
  • Full training and setup, including inventory and menu assistance
  • Integration and mobile processing experts 
  • Live, 24/7 certified support team

What kind of support do I get with Vital Mobile?

A Vital point of sale specialist will help you get set up and running. They’ll help you set up and configure Vital Mobile and from there they’ll train you on your solution and support you every step of the way. Once you’re set up, you’ll always have access to robust self-service tools and 24/7 live customer support.

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