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Setting up a Google Ads campaign, Google's unique pay-per-click advertising service, is an outstanding way to ensure that your website is found among the top listings in online search results.  It is ideal for:

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The stigma associated with paying for top listings is gradually fading, as more businesses realize how search engines such as Google operate, and moreover the advantages that can come from being found at the top of the search results.

Example Ads account for a client who hired us to optimize there account.

AdWords Performance example

235 MORE clicks!
50 MORE conversions!!
Spent $6.47 LESS per conversion!!!

How Can Google Ads Help Your Business?

If you're new to PPC in general, run a search (on any topic) on Google and look at the top two or three shaded listings… this is Google Ad Words in action.  At the surface there's nothing too complicated about it.  Once your Google Ads campaign has been written and then put into place, your listing will appear at the top of the search results page, based on the keywords or search term phrases entered by the end user.

In exchange for this top-listing position, you agree to pay a fixed amount for each 'click' that your ad receives; hence the term pay-per-click.  The more you're willing to spend per click, the higher and more frequently your listing appears.  The popularity of the search term will also play a role, in addition to dozens of other little idiosyncrasies.  For this reason, it is vital that you work with a company or webmaster who knows exactly how Google Ads campaigns work.

Advantages of Google Ads in Your Online Marketing

There are countless reasons to consider running an Ads campaign.  Whether you're just starting out or looking to rebound from a sales slump, here are just a few reasons to use this proven method of effective search engine marketing.

Ads is both Affordable & Manageable

With Ad Words you have the freedom to not only determine how much you're willing to pay for each click to your website, you can also set and adjust daily, weekly and monthly spending limits.  This allows you to test the effectiveness of different ads using smaller dollar amounts, while constantly monitoring the performance of each ad individually.  Working with a Google Certified Ads consultant will allow you to consistently rotate your most successful ads in order to get the best results.

Ads offers Proven Effectiveness

Consumers make their decisions based on a wide range of factors, though many simply click the first listing they see.  This is where Ads can give you a strong advantage.  Even the most aggressive and properly-execute SEO campaigns can't guarantee that you will always rank in the top two or three listings.  By ensuring that your listing is highly-visible, Ads makes it possible for you to capitalize on those who almost always click instinctively.

Of course, you still need to make sure that you're showing up in the right searches.  This is where working with a proven expert in Google Ad Words can make or break your success.

Allows You to Track Clicks and Conversions     

With many types of online marketing campaigns, you're essentially flying blind into a sea of prospective customers.  With Ads and other types of PPC strategies, you have uncanny control over determining where customers came from, and what they did after seeing your listing.  Through the use of conversion forms, an Ad Words specialist can show you what percentage of total clicks eventually became phone calls and e-mails.  Over time, this can help you refine your listings from experimental to highly-effective.

Google Ads-Certified Expert in Rochester NY

PPC and sponsored ads are the digital lifeblood for many companies, as they allow businesses and professional organizations the opportunity to enjoy top-page placement in some of the most saturated and competitive industries.  Creating an effective pay-per-click ad isn’t as simple as whipping a few lines of text together, though.  There are strict character and word count limits, and it takes a very strategic approach for anyone looking to maximize on such limited space. 

As one of the leading PPC and Google Ad service providers, CMS knows exactly what it takes to craft an ad that generates real results.  All ads are written by professional SEO content writers, and verified by our management team for accuracy, flow, impact and keyword relevance. 

For complete information on our full range of Google Ad Words campaigns or PPC advertising on other major search engines, call the experts at CMS Max in New York today.  We can be reached by phone at 585-348-8127 or through our website’s secure contact page.

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