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Web: View products in 3D on website for a 360-degree view and dynamically switch fabrics, finishes, tiles etc.

AR: With a click, virtually place products in the real world using any phone camera and dynamically switch fabrics, finishes, tiles etc.



Interactions with AR show a 94% higher conversion rate than those without


  • Engage potential customers deeply

  • Let customers view your product at home

  • Differentiate your offering

  • Drive leads and analytics

  • Sell more product

  • Reduce returns


Schots Home Emporium met Viewa at the Online Retailer Tradeshow in 2022 and was immediately impressed with the VisualizAR software and its potential to increase customer engagement with our products. We identified that if a potential customer can view a product in 3D on our website, interact with it via changing out materials and finishes and then virtually place it at home using Augmented Reality, there was potential to increase conversions. As with many retailers, we have a mature strategy to drive people to our website, whereas VisualizAR’s function would be to increase dwell time, engagement and, ultimately, conversions.

To test VisualizAR, we initially decided on our wood fireplaces and a small selection of sofas. Viewa created the 3D product models, and after some revisions to ensure accuracy and the creation of a fire effect, we implemented VisualizAR on our website

We’re pleased to say that VisualizAR has functioned as anticipated and increased dwell time and conversions for our products. In particular, our Atomo Suspended Fireplace has seen a strong uptick in sales. Due to this, we are in the process of adding a new wave of products to the VisualizAR software.

We highly recommend Viewa as a partner and its VisualizAR software’s website 3D and web-based Augmented Reality modules to improve product visualization and, ultimately, conversions.

- Fiona Schot


Advantages over competitor products:

  • Coverage: Supports 3.5 billion smartphone users vs ARKit 1.25Billion and ARCore 891 million

  • Interactivity: Enables dynamic changes like colors, fabrics and finishes to 3D models in AR (ARKit and ARCore don’t)

  • Integration: Web based so quick and simple set up (ARKit and ARCore native apps)

  • Animations: Supports animations and product movements e.g. blind opening / closing

  • Conversions: Users click straight to purchase from VisualizAR


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