CMS Max eCommerce has the ability to send notifications for orders using Slack's API. If you're looking to receive notifications on a computer or a mobile app, Slack is a great option for that.

To integrate Slack with CMS Max, please follow the steps below.

Step 1: go to

Step 2: sign in through Google or sign in manually and create a workspace URL and a channel name such as "orders".

Step 3: Go to your workspace settings then click on Configure apps.
Note: if you are using a browser go to this URL but replace "NAME" with your channel name.

Step 4: Click Custom Integrations on the left (make sure you are signed in). and search for "Incoming WebHooks".

Step 5: Click add to slack, choose your workspace and your channel you want notifications sent to. Then click "Add Incoming WebHooks integration".

Step 6: Copy the Webhook URL and paste that code into CMS Max >> Settings >> Integrations >> Add Slack Integration

Note: Make sure you enable notifications on your web browser or if you're using the slack mobile app

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