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If you’re among the countless businesses and entrepreneurs who use PayPal to receive online payments, it’s important to ensure that your system is set up in a manner that streamlines the process while ensuring the highest level of security, data protection and payment versatility.  Customers should have the option of ordering your products and services regardless of whether they have a PayPal account or not, with the same speedy checkout options that any thriving business demands.

PayPal Payments Pro

Streamlined PayPal Integration for Businesses of Every Size 

At CMS Max, we’re proud to offer expert eCommerce solutions for those who rely on PayPal, including our full suite of PayPal Pro services.  This ensures that your online payment processing is fast, simple and secure, while providing customers the option to pay with the most wide array of options.  From credit and debit cards to e-check and direct bank payments, we can seamlessly integrate your PayPal Pro account for enhanced simplicity and peace of mind.

Learn more about integrating PayPal Pro into your eCommerce website by speaking with a member of our team today.  CMS Max can be reached by phone at 585-348-8127 or by e-mail through our contact page.

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