Google Maps now requires a billing account to be set up in order to use their API. Any site that is powered by Google Maps for the location pages in CMS Max, we will need to enable billing and generate an API key.


To Enabling Billing

  1. Go to
  2. Click Get Started
  3. Setup your account information
  4. Verify your account with a phone number
  5. Make sure your account is activated (look for a bar across the top to activate) and that your credit card information is added.
  6. It will automatically create a new project, if you want you can edit the project name in the settings.
  7. Go to Enabled APIs & services
  8. Click on the + ENABLE APIS AND SERVICES and then search for and enable the following.
    1. Maps JavaScript API
    2. Geocoding API
    3. Distance Matrix API
    4. Places API
    5. Maps Embed API
  9. Copy the API key that is generated after you click on Create API Credentials and paste it into CMS Max >> Integrations >> Google Maps
  10. Edit the API key settings and choose Website under Set an application restriction and then in the website restrictions type your domain like this **
  11. Make sure you go to the billing settings and link the billing account to your project
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