If you're using MailChimp to build email lists and send mass email out, and don't want to manually copy and paste emails from your website into your MailChimp list, you can automate this with CMS Max.

Step 1: Log into your MailChimp account and then go to Extras >> API keys. Also you can view this article and video here.

Step 2: Create A Mobile Client Key. In the Label you can put CMS Max. In the "Set a Developer Email" you can put any email.

Step 3: Copy the key and input it into the API section of CMS Max.

Step 4: In the Forms section of CMS Max, click on the form you want to send to MailChimp. You will then see a section called "MailChimp Integration". Check on the box "Integrate with MailChimp" and wait 10-15 seconds while it pulls your data and list. Once it gets done loading just select the list in the drop down and all emails moving forward will send to your MailChimp list.

MailChimp / CMS Max Integration Setup

Any questions please contact us.

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