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Site must have "Dynamic Templates" installed in the backend. 

In the backend go to Modules > Dynamic Templates.

Click "Add Dynamic Template".

Name the template "Testimonials Carousel"

Under Variables, click "Add Variable"

In the "Name" text box type "Reviews"

In the "Default Query" text box type:

->where('approved', 1)

In the "Template Section" Copy and paste the code below:

[[insert code here]]

Updated the page to save all changes.

Then click "Create Shortcode" button in the right column.

In the Name text field type "Default" or desired name. Leave the rest of the options as they are and click Save.

It will take you back to the previous page and you will now see the "Default" shortcode that was generated. Copy that shortcode and paste it in the page content where you want the carousel to display.

Adjust styles as need in the "Styles" section of that dynamic template using CSS"

Example of the testimonial carousel:


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