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Dont Go

Some of the best studies suggest that 96% of all website visitors never take action when visiting an organization’s site.  As advances in AI (artificial intelligence) continue to expand, there are now effective measures you can take to keep website visitors engaged, while simultaneously generating new sales leads for your staff.  DontGo is an innovative form of AI Chat Technology that’s been developed to help you capitalize on those who visit your website, by engaging them as they attempt to leave their shopping cart or exit your site. 

While the technology that drives it is complex, the practical application benefits could not be more simple or effective.  When the software detects that someone is “mousing” towards the close or exit buttons, a chat box automatically appears offering further assistance, answers to questions, or any custom message of your choosing. 


Why Add DontGo to Your Online Sales Strategy?

  • An estimated 96% of all website visitors never take further action
  • An easy way to keep customers on your site and generate new sales leads
  • The ability to capture new leads on all your electronic devices
  • Shown to help businesses increase revenues while decreasing cost
  • Chat apps are friendly, non-intrusive and designed to improve use experience  
  • The confidence of answering every question correctly, the first time

Learn More on How AI Chat Technology Can Improve Your Online Sales

If you’re looking to increase conversions, streamline the customer service process and reduce you costs, CMS Max can help you better understand how DontGo chat technology can benefit your organization. We offer their full range of products and will be happy to explain how everything works or get you set up immediately.

Give us a call today at 585-880-1793 to get started, or drop us a line through our secure contact page and we’ll get back to you right away.

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