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We have a proprietary CMS. The front end is currently using Bootstrap 3 and we'd like to get it upgraded to Bootstrap 5.

However, since all of our existing sites use BS3 we'll need to support both versions until we can get all our sites migrated. We'll have a configuration setting to choose between BS3 or BS5. (A developer from our team will help with this part)

All our templates will need to be updated to use BS5. Essentially we'll have two versions of each view. It'll load the correct one based on the version of Bootstrap the site is using.

Our CSS will also need to be updated. It uses Bootstrap Sass and depends on SCSS variables from BS3 that will need to be updated to BS5. Same thing there, we should have a version of the CSS that works with both versions. Not everything will need to be duplicated for both versions. Some CSS isn't related to Bootstrap and can be included regardless of the version being used.


We need someone with attention to detail and willing to take the time to do things right. The right person will personally read through the BS migration documentation and note all the changes that need to be made. The update should handle both migrations - version 3 to version 4, version 4 to version 5. You'll then need to go through all the CSS and views, update them and make sure they work with both versions.

1. We'll do a kick-off call to give you an overview of our CMS
2. You'll do a preliminary investigation and come up with a plan for the upgrade
3. You'll communicate and discuss the plan with us
4. Once approved, you'll make the update in a separate branch and open a PR
5. We'll review and provide any feedback / request additional changes
6. Payment will be made upon completion


Please provide an estimate.

This is a one time contract job. If things go well we will consider hiring for future projects.


- We'll be reviewing candidates and select someone by Nov 12.
- Kick off call will be Monday, Nov 15
- Project to be completed by Nov 26

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